║Cesc Fabregas║Fabulous║

Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish central midfielder who captains the English Premier League club Arsenal and performs for the Spanish nationwide team. Fàbregas began his job as a trainee with Barcelona but was signed by Arsenal in September 2003, aged just 16 years. Thank you to SoccerPulse SUBSCRIBE!
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  1. @16arsenal4 have a future at arsenal. thought Ramsey was going to play at some stage but wasn’t even included in the squad. know what that’s about?
    Denilson had a better game too. He even got forward a few times (needs to do so more often), and took a few nice shots. Like Miquel too, he’s got great potential. He did a cheeky little side heel with his left foot putting the ball behind his right foot that was really cool.
    I’ve never really laughed about a team before, but L.O. were a joke.

  2. @16arsenal4 in the space of one game (the CC loss). When Gibbs improves the defensive side to his game and his physicality a bit, he’ll be a star full-back. Bendtner’s headed goal was so impressive, not to mention his strike from the corner of the box. He loves that spot; scores a lot from there. Diaby had great poise and also made some great penetrating runs. showed a bit of urgency in this match, but i’d still like to see more, and a bit more ruthlessness. but made me think he still might …

  3. @16arsenal4 haha yes these things only happen to Arsenal. it’s all a part of the roller-coaster ride – next, MU in the FA Cup, Barca at the Nou Camp, and the League. SO FRICKIN EXCITING! Love it! Love Arsenal. To the match. LO were shite, but there were some great performance from players – Diaby, Bendtner, and Gibbs were the standouts. Rosicky not far behind them. We controlled the game, and I liked how the players didn’t get carried away celebrating the goals. I think they have matured even…

  4. @16arsenal4 I don’t think Wenger dropped koscielny/Shezny, but I do think he’s protecting them. Another costly slip-up after the mistake they made in the FA Cup final loss could really hurt their confidence. that’s good to know that if we win every game we will be champions. Man U also need to be careful of liverpool. Ferdinand and Vidic will be missing, so I really hope Liverpool can get the win, otherwise L’pool have no hope of finishing top 4 for a champions league place.

  5. @16arsenal4 Bendtner just sent a reassuring statement to the Arsenal supporters. Two brilliant goals. He can be a real threat V Barca particularly in the air, in the absence of Pique.
    I watched the game, and it couldn’t have went better. Very second-string line-up (debut-to-Connor-HEnderson line-up) and Wenger has stated that the league is his priority.
    I think Wenger got it perfect with the line-up. It allowed players to be rested, and L.O. were never a threat.

  6. @mnpoo2
    opportunity for silverware.In EPL we received something of a boost last nite. Chelsea win means that its actually in r hands. Theres a long way to go but if we win all r games wel be champions. There are some big tests between now and the end of the season though & Im not suggesting anyting other than we take one game at a time, but the team have got to look at the situation wer in and do their utmost to take advantage of it. Vela was a WBA hero again with a late equaliser, doin wel ther

  7. @mnpoo2
    out but he needs to be rested he looked zapped on Sunday.With the injuries and the resting I do wonder if we might see a name or two unfamiliar to the first team on the bench tonight. From our point of view its a chance to help ease the pain of Sunday in a very small way. A chance for some players, from whom were going to need more significant contributions due to the absences to find a bit of form.More importantly however its a chance to progress in a tournament which provides another

  8. @mnpoo2
    Bendtner and he does tend to go scoring runs in the final parts of the season but Chamakh looks far removed from the player he was at the start of the season. You know, the one who could score and stuff. Hopefully hell prove me wrong tonight.The team news is that Koscielny has a small hamstring problem and Almunia will return in goal. Of course this is being spun that the pair of them have been dropped after the Wembley mix-up but I doubt either of them were going to play anyway. Song is

  9. @mnpoo2
    2nd, we have only one league game on the fixture list, an away trip to West Brom.Missing Barca is a big blow thats for sure but with Cesc a ‘possible’, the news isnt all bad. Anyway, we don’t even need to score over there. What we have we hold. And with our defensive record a clean sheet should be no hass ..erm.. lets worry about that next week. Dont rule out Barca ok RvP is out and Wallcott but we have Bendtner and Arshavin to cover it isnt over have faith.I still have some faith in

  10. @mnpoo2
    return to Barca.Rough, I know, but I’m choosing to look at this in a positive way. I’m eradicating the phrase ‘three weeks’ from my brain and replacing it with ‘forever’. Thereby any return between now and the end of time becomes a pleasant surprise. Its rather gutting all the same. In the same way only we could lose a cup final in the manner we did, only our best striker could injure himself scoring a fantastic goal.However it could be worse. We play Sunderland on Sat and then until Apr

  11. @mnpoo2
    enough to beat Orient. Theyll have to scrap I think and it might not be pretty, but the important thing is to win the game. Zigic I agree was far too much for the defense his hieght hes 6″8. Yeh Wilshere is amazing and he looked so so upset on Sunday and afterwards he said that he wants to be an Arsenal players for at least the next 10 years good to hear that. RVP’s injury picked up scoring a sensational goal means he’s going to miss “a minimum” of three weeks, ruling him out of the

  12. @mnpoo2
    put things right and to start making amends then I think well progress.Under normal circumstances you wouldnt classify Orient as ‘massive’ but these are not normal circumstances. As I said the measure of this team will be in how it responds to the disappointment. I dont expect a typically flowing Arsenal performance tonight. The team well put out has yet to click in any of the cup games theyve played. They lack the dynamism and ability of the ‘firsts’ but it’s still a team that should be

  13. @mnpoo2
    I couldnt agree with you more about everything you said, I think this should motivate us and drive us forward and hopefully we can learn some lessons and be stronger as you said but we have to see this in results and tonights game is perfect to prove that weve put it behind us. Tonight I hope too see a new team I can understand there might well be a hangover from Sunday but if they go out there feeling sorry for themselves then I worry about the performance. If they go out determined to

  14. @16arsenal4 Bendtner had a good game, and I have a bit of hope he can be dangerous against Barca. Without Pique, we can be a bit more direct with crosses to Bendtner too. Walcott’s the biggest loss though. But Arshavin is in great form. I loved his inventiveness in the match. it seems like he’s found his mojo again.
    Wilshere was amazing. He’s so good that I don’t know whether he should be played in that holding deeper role or higher up in a more attacking role. What a player!

  15. @16arsenal4 and a few other good chances that robertson saved), is far more vulnerable to the pressure of such an occasion. the other thing was our finishing…we had some good chances, but never took them well enough to beat the keeper.
    So i don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with Arsenal, nor was there with our approach to the game.
    we can pretty much write off the barca game. RVP doesn’t look like he’ll make it by the sounds of it, and Walcott too. however, I thought

  16. @16arsenal4 for those long-balls. that’s the way to stop him IMO. too often zigic would be there to dangerously head the ball down to a teammate in the box. the goal was hard to prevent. other reason: birmingham with a nothing-to-lose attitude and a gameplan based on fight and hard work and a very basic tactical approach (zigic) was a good approach for a high-pressure final. Arsenal however have a very technical intricate game, and while we executed it well at times (the buildup to the goal…

  17. @16arsenal4 Koscielny should have cleared it, but for whatever reason missed the ball completely. I don’t really want to focus on this mistake; it doesn’t achieve anything. just hope his confidence doesn’t suffer from it in the other matches we have to come. Against Leyton Orient I hope to see a really desperate, urgent and ruthless performance.
    I put the loss down to a couple of things: Zigic was too much for djourscielny. Djourou needed to body up on zigic and prevent him from moving to get..

  18. @16arsenal4 move on and refocus on the next match…and how it’s good that there is another match so soon to take their minds off the loss. But I reckon this is the wrong approach and they are wasting an opportunity. They should be dwelling on the pain of this loss rather than trying to forget about it. this pain could be a great source of inspiration. it could unite the playing group and drive them further. however, they shouldn’t dwell on it too much either.

  19. @16arsenal4 I think we can use the pain from this loss to become better, stronger, and more hungry. I kind of also think (or at least maybe like to think) that a loss in this cup will be better than the win. I realise the fans want a trophy after such a long time, but the CC isn’t that meaningful, and I think the players will really benefit from the pain of this loss. i’ve been reading a lot of statements from the club and players in the aftermath of the loss, and the response has been to…

  20. @mnpoo2
    they way we did. What you think of the match?
    Also I think that Fabregas was a huge miss its clear that hes the brain of the squad and the leader he looked distraught after aswell as the players who all apoligised. Also Walcott was a miss I think but Arshavin did play well I think we missed his speed. But Cesc a huge miss. As my friend said he thinks God is a Sp*rs fan! What other team could have 2 main players injured before a match and then lose the way they did?

  21. @mnpoo2
    They know as well as anyone what theyve allowed slip and the repercussions of it but they simply cannot let it affect them negatively. I dont want to be trite and suggest they turn the negative into a positive.The reality of our situation is that we still have 3 chances to win a trophy this season and we have to regroup, refocus and quickly.The only way to regain that is through performances and results.

    Sorry mate that was a long reply. Im still in shock after that goal and us losing

  22. @mnpoo2
    major issue but no matter how much they hurt over this theyve got to realise theres still a lot of football to be played this season. Im not trying to make any excuses for them. They had a brilliant chance to silence the doubters and cocked it up in spectacular style. Unfortunately thats football. Underdogs will win finals. Ask United, Sp*rs, Liverpool. Its part and parcel of the game. Of course it raises issues about mentality and belief, the ability to deliver when the time comes. They

  23. @mnpoo2
    We still have much to play for this season. The maturity of the team might be measured in their response to this. We can do 2 things we can sit around feel sorry for ourselves that we lost a final in freakish circumstances or we can pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and keep fighting. And theres only one option isnt there?
    We play again on Wed then Sat then its Barca and so it goes until the end of the season. In the past setbacks have become excuses, any psychological blow becomes a

  24. @mnpoo2
    Losing does nothing but heighten those and I understand that completely. Losing can become a habit as much as winning. Sport is littered with egs of teams and players who when it comes to the final hurdle just cant get over it. Afterwards Arsene described the team as ‘bitterly disappointed’ and Koscielny and Wojscezcr as ‘destroyed’. They will have had a sleepless night, I’m sure, replaying that incident over and over again. The team as a whole knew they had something to prove yesterday.

  25. @mnpoo2
    been there before and well be there again and it will raise many qus about the team and its ability to make that next step. Is there a mental weakness? Birmingham are a team weve beaten twice already this season. Did they want it more than us? I dont think so. We just didnt play well on the day. Do they care enough? Of course they care.Weve spoken a lot about the teams maturity and their development this season. Winning yesterday would have calmed many fears washed away many doubts.

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