25 replies on “90 Plus (Week 11)”

  1. @fadedyouthtube What? He is a multi-millionaire who bangs pornstars and does whatever the fuck he wants, how is that NOT winning?

  2. Charlie Sheen is the biggest #LOSER in the world.

    Drug addict, no job, no teeth, no nothing. Just a bunch of played out catchphrases.

  3. @MJAS93 as a European I can certainly say it isn’t… as already was said, it’s better than majority of European leagues both attendance and level-wise… of course it’s not English, Spanish, French, German, italian, Argentinian, Brasilian level and Holland and Portugal too but otherwise it’s in the category together with any other league that follows these ones…

  4. @MrZeppelinOwl I’m sorry but you follow one of the weakest leagues in the world, That sir is a fact.

  5. Muito legal a música Charlie, sou seu fã também, adoro seu trabalho em “Dois homens e meio”, mais futebol no Brasil temos melhor.

  6. @MJAS93 Really? Worse than Central American leagues? Iceland? Hell, some in Europe even. Probably nearly on par with SPL now.
    Quit being a EuroSnob and trolling.

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