Dani Alves, the Brazilian right back, reckons that the press was responsible for the Selecao not being able to reach the glory in the FIFA World Cup played on their home turf.

According to Alves, the media just did not let the Brazilian players breathe in peace during the showpiece tournament. Brazil was actually going alright before they came across Germany in the Round of 4 and got crushed brutally. The goals were raining from everywhere in that match, from the visitors’ side of course.

The margin of defeat was of 6 goals. It was annihilation in simple words. Not only did the Brazilian players, the Brazilian football as a whole got humiliated that night.

Alves admitted that Brazil’s preparation for the semis was not right at all. Talking to a television channel the day before yesterday, the 31-year old who currently plays for the Catalan giants said, “The main reason of that Germany defeat was the improper preparation. We did have the talent, but, going into the big matches, you need to have your head and body in the right frame and we did not have that unfortunately.”

“The media is certainly to be blamed a little bit. They just never leave the players alone. The coverage goes on and on.”

“They love you as well here, I must say. If you give the positive results, there would be endless compliments, but, in case, you finish on the wrong side, there is excessive criticism and these sorts of things do play in the minds of the players.”

Alves has been in news of late, most recently helping to advertise a website that provides real time update of the league tables.

A few days ago, he had grabbed the headlines saying that this is his last year in Spain and he would be looking to move to England come next summer.