25 replies on “Arsenal – Tomas Rosicky & Cesc Fabregas”

  1. i wish david villa or silva replaced bendter..spanish players h8 chelsea and man utd

  2. This was entertaining. Check out my channel for some soccer vids of strikers and midfielders.

  3. Yer, but bendter isnt even THAT great in the air considering his height..
    Thats why we put Gallas+Vermaelen in for corners and keep players like arshavin + walcott back a bit until the corner is done or whatever

  4. ok then lol hes a “starlet” lol.
    people forget that bendtner is still only 21.

    arsenal need a player like bendtner. rest of our strikers our midgets.

  5. yes the goal against blackburn was special..
    Yes hes improved alot but he still isnt a star..
    teams we vs such as chelsea and man utd wont concentrate on him, they will concentrate on our big players, arshavin, fabregas, rosicky, RVP try to cut these players out completly bendter doesnt really change the game he comes on and does average he never does anythign spectacular and i think he wastes to many oppotunitys

  6. just watch! since beginning of last year to the way he plays now hes improved tremendously.

    that goal against blackburn was special. sign of things to come.

  7. Bendter isnt a “star” to me.. But agreed on the rest of them..
    we have eduardo to..
    And starlets like walcott, vela, wilshere, ramsey that will be stars very soon

  8. HES BACK 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 hes a YOUNGER VERSION OF GERRARD ONLY MORE TO look forward to

  9. if they are children
    how comes dey beat chelsea, Man utd, Liverpool, AC milan, Real madrid etc

  10. Well Coming From a chelsea fan..
    Just to say..
    Where was chelsea before 2006? Nowhere.
    U got no history. and without abramovich ur nothing.
    I hate man utd but at least they have history. and dont just win because of money. Unlike u scum. Bunch of glory fans. No1 supported chelsea before 2006.

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