18 replies on “Arsenal V Leeds United – Cesc Fabregas FA Cup”

  1. @pilotanthony I enjoyed watch you get beat in the Carling Cup final. All the Arsenal fans going on “oh we deserve to win this coz we haven’t won anything in 5 yrs” yh well try not winning owt for 50 yrs and even that was only a league cup for birmingham city. your faces when martins just popped the shot right into the net. btw your support is FUCKING SHIT!!!

  2. what he said was right! after all these years, denilson is not even improving, and giving up a soft penalty like that, gosh what was he thinking?

  3. @pilotanthony Coming from fan of a London team where it’s full of blacks and Asians, ok lol, Northern England is true England.

  4. He’s right to criticise Denilson, he’s crap, we need to get rid of him and a few others.

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