Arsene Wenger tribute to Cesc – The Cesc Fabregas Show

So just how excellent is Cesc? One particular gentleman is better positioned than most to discuss about the Spaniard’s ability – tactical genius and Arsenal legend, Arsene Wenger. Discover out what the boss thinks of his youthful charge and what he hopes to see from him in the long term.
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25 replies on “Arsene Wenger tribute to Cesc – The Cesc Fabregas Show”

  1. So true@dooyangc I see that CR, robinho, and ibrahimovic are all more of like being famous for being a superstar but Cesc serves the team and all he cares most of the time is about the team.He is great

  2. the knob that is edwards might as well just ask fabregas to ‘come on down!!’ then get him to drop his trousers then arse can then start licking and slobbering over his balls.

  3. @mehwuvcheese ha ha barca fan oh come on i dont give a shit about barca. Dont give false accusations bitch.

  4. @ma251 You are probably one of those Barca fans, where they are pissed at the fact they can’t get Fabregas (or that he left them.)

    You stop talking shit, sing it with me.

  5. @mehwuvcheese yeah yeah stop talking shit arsenal sucks (especially cesc) sing it with me.

  6. @ma251 Liverpool was screwed anyways when they were facing Arsenal. Arsenal rocks (especially Cesc), sing it with me.

  7. @vtsurr “There’s only one arsene Wenger!’ There’s only one Arseeeeeene Wennnnnnnnger there’s only one Arsene Wenger!”

  8. oooh! look how the arsenal bitch is talking you are acting sick minded bastard and one more thing arsenal sucks dick.

  9. ha and those 3 times were fluke wins fabregas is a cheater motherfucking asshole get your bloody ass out of this vid and see how fabregas sucks balls!

  10. mother fucker afcourse he fuked liverpool we beat u 3 times this season so ya u guys are cry babies u only have gerrad and torres who will leave u wont even make it into the top 4

  11. shut up he is not a captain he is a lightweight dumbass he screwed liverpool! that sucks and makes me pissed off your dumb and go away muthafucka!!!!! cesc sucks sing it with me.

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