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  1. @alsaaidh
    What Did you think you Was Gonna Learn !?
    Its a Tribute. You Dont Learn From It AreTard !

  2. to all the people saying Fabregas isnt good enuff, you guys are wack. the lad is alot younger than the likes of Gerrard, Lampard and Ballack and yet produces alike them, hes almost like Xavi. and another thing he’s at Arsenal, and he does alot for em, if only dat bloody wanker Wenger would spend some money… imagine a couple of players of class around him. all hell would break loose.

  3. Yeh cause players who play forSpurs and Villa are “dumb players” even though it’s likely they’ll finish ahead of Liverpool. Also, Fabregas has played well for Spain against good teams. He scored and created a goal against Russia in EURO 2008 and was in the Team of the Tournament. But yeh, he will show everybody something in South Africa and i wouldn’t be suprised if he started instead of either Xavi or Iniesta

  4. like how i said, its useless explaining to u guys, but i will wait for fabregas to show me something in the 2010 world cup, when you play international against good teams, thats when he should do good, not against dumb players.

  5. @alsaaidh Yeh 13 goals and 13 assists in 23 games is very average. How about his two goals in 20 something minutes? Yeh that was definately average too. Bet Fat Frank, Ballack or Essien can’t do that.

  6. I’m sorry man…but you really don’t have a CLUE what you’re talking about. Fabregas is an amazing footballer. Amazing goals don’t make amazing players…ever look at Michael Owen…never scored that many “AMAZING” goals but he’s probably one of Englands best strikers…Fabregas has everything that you need to be great….i’m sure you can’t compare so until you have his Vision, accuracy and ability…don’t critisize him.

  7. don’t recall you playing leeds of late. you got knocked out by barnsley2years ago and they are proper wank. at least leeds are top of their division with high confidence and there’s a big rivalry between us so it makes it more of a contest and ferguson played a B team with only a few high profile players which i thought was stupid cos we should’ve started a decent team, had the game won b4 bringing on obertan, welbeck etc..

    when did you beat us?? oh when the ref wanted to get in the spotlight

  8. hmm dont be a sore loser cuz we beat you and ronaldo was never a one man team and yah know if he didnt spend so much time suckin grass on the ground then yeah he would be a great player but see ronaldo never matured into a man unlike fabregas. the difference is fabregas sucked it up and put away 2 beauties the over day against Villa and i think we all know that ronaldo needs attention so he woulda stayed on the bench like the pussy we know him of. haha and plus who loses to Leeds… faggot.

  9. and don’t get me started on the things ronaldo could do that cesc can’t lol the list is endless plus you can’t have it both ways cos most you “rival” clubs are the ones saying ronaldo kept being man utd’s 1man team winning many games “single handedly” but now you’re saying ronaldo can’t do that? strange lol very phoney bunch of fans you are aren’t ya!

  10. i know you’re a chelsea fan so you’re a pikey but can you go a line without saying fuck? no!

    “wayne rooney couldnt do that” you thick shit, he did what fabregas did on the same day against hull. weren’t you watching sky sports that day? they were saying how rooney did for man utd what siss fabretwat did for arsenal you spaz.and if you’re on about the fact he was injured well i seem to remember rooney scoring against chelsea a couple seasons ago at stamford bridge when he was fucked you retard

  11. “i am a chelsea fan too, not because they are a good team, but because the players have skill, its fun to watch chelsea”

    1) they’re not a good team
    2) their players don’t have skill (ok being dirty and conning ref’s etc…but no skill on the ball)
    3) any non chelsea fan and even quite a few chelsea fans will admit chelsea are boring and horrible to watch and every game for them is a struggle whether they lose, draw or win by their odd goal

    you’ve got chelsea mixed up with a quality team

  12. i dont understand how you dont see this kid as a genius? he’s a mastermind in the attacking third; he has vision, creativity, speed, he works hard, and he is a great finisher. if you didnt see Arsenal play Villa this last week then you missed him single handedly win the game for Arsenal. the problem with Ronaldinho is that he is getting to old and it seems like he doesnt have the pace for the Italian league anymore and the Italian league is not as fast as the Premier League…

  13. chill out atomic, i am a chelsea fan too, not because they are a good team, but because the players have skill, its fun to watch chelsea, anyway, it doesnt matter how old this guy is, he is average, that is his limit, ronaldino is not average, there is a difference…. think hard… and dont act tough on youtube. it doesnt do crap

  14. he was fuckin injured. wayne rooney or cristiano ronaldo couldnt do that. he’s the captain of a top 4 team and he’s fuckin 22.
    so shut the fuck up you stupid panzi ass bullshit of a football fan.

  15. chelsea fans know fuck all about football and they’re chavs. and yes i saw the free-kick…it wasn’t great. and he did tap in another aswell WOW!!! i’ve seen many better players.

  16. thats called soccer stupid shit and anyways he’s only 22 how the fuckk can he be overrated?????
    he has great potential did you see what he did against Aston Villa in 27 fuckin minutes??? he single handedly won the game for Arsenal and besides im a chelsea fan telling you this so it aint a lie. think about what you say and evaluate every possibilty before you say something stupid ^^^^^^

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