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  1. Xavi is way better than fabregas, he can pass as good as fabregas, he don’t lose any ball and he is always in a good position to receive a pass

  2. @mjclaesson Maybe, but Barcelona’s defenders were drafted in the fifa world XI, so La Liga has the best defenders in the world. (even though Barcelona don’t need to go up against their own defence) your argument can be rendered invalid. I think it’s the pace. Barcelona does fine against EPL clubs in the CL, but their players and how the team is built doesn’t fit in EPL. Look at the likes of Modric; great technical player, one challenge and he’s out for 3 weeks. is EPL better? we’ll see in the CL

  3. @Taihofai I think it’s because the english defenders is waaay better than the spanish defenders =) But good spot anyways 🙂

  4. this video points out the fact Arsenal is terrible at finishing more then Fabregas’s pass are great….

  5. he’s 23..xavi is 30…he comes up with 20 goals and 15 assists consistently ..if he was sliding those passes to messi he would have a much higher assist count..but the only person that takes advantage in arsenal is van persie..and he’s always injured

  6. According to spanish newspaper Marca Real Madrid wants to buy Fabregas, but i have it very difficult to believe to Real would get Fabregas, because Fabregas is from Catalonia, and like every catalonian, he hates Real Madrid and loves FC Barcelona.

  7. fabregas is only 23 and he already one of the best midfeilder in the world !!

    xavi wasnt as good as Cesc in his age ( fact )

  8. @SGTcrackey666 I still think Xavi is better in terms of ball control and passing. give it a year and Fabregas will overtake Xavi due to age.

  9. @Taihofai he does that and in the premier league.

    Hes probably better than Xavi now he made much more of a impact in the world cup in the quators and the final.

  10. Its awesome to see passes like this. I think Fabregas is still underrated because he´s more a teamplayer than a egoistic Superstar.

    Probably “THE NEKT FABREGAS” you can see in the german Bundesliga. Look at NURI SAHIN from Borussia Dortmund! 

    He was chosen to the best player of the first half season in Bundesliga!

    Greets fom Germany

  11. don’t worry guys fabregas will be in barcelona when the time is right , he will be replace xavi !!!

  12. This is Why Fabregas has to leave Arsnel and go to Barcelona, look at all those good passes he makes and the attakers coundn’t score if that was Pedro, messi, villa those woud have been easy goals.

  13. LOOK : Fabregas and Nasri Is Like Iniesta and Xavi but Fabregas and Nasri and younger and can learn alot if they go to barca but they are learning good 2 at Arsenal , sow i think Arsenal have a chance to win against Barcelona

    And the arsenal shirt looks better on fabregas:P

  14. @Taihofai
    La Liga is also a slower tempo than EPL, Xavi and Iniesta are afforded a little more time and space

  15. @Taihofai I’m sorry, but I don’t think you have watched too many Arsenal games this season. He’s never bullied of the ball and he faces much stronger defenders in the PL. His pace with the ball has improved alot too, as has his shot. That comment would be legit some year ago, but not anymore.

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