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  1. @eddimurpi pause at 3:27 and look at the two defenders in between fabregas and arshavin.
    theyre both trying to step up but an absolutely amazingly timed pass puts him alone in front of goal.

  2. he is just improving season after season and he’s like just 23 years old !!!

    if barcashit want him then give us 80 million pound !!!

    carol went to liverpoool with 30 million and fabregas should be paid like this , 80 million or fuck off and he will stay with the club he lover and the great fans who love him very much !!

  3. el capitan! the heart of Arsenal, without doubt one of the best midfielders in the world! absolute shear class, he is definitely a gunner through and through! CF4 for ever and ever and ever! great video! =)

  4. when cesc wants to win big he knows where the fuck to go and thats to BARCELONA i do like him in a gunners kit though

  5. Dear Barcelona, and (almost) all they’re fans/players.. GO SUCK A COCK AND GET A LIFE!

  6. @bumermerc of course. he’s what 23? with the experience of a thirty year old and he is very good at his position. But it will be hard for arsenal without him

  7. @Forcabarca94
    Mourinho personally met fabregas to make a deal …he told him he could be the next leader of real m.

  8. fabregas is the best mid in the world
    he shoudn’t go to barcelona
    wenger is very kean to win the league at my stats i don’t think so
    i think man u will win the league
    chelsea are doing rubbish in the league

  9. Frederic Hermel, journalist of the newspaper L’equipe, revealed in a tv show of football called Punto Pelota here in spain that Wenger has finally let fabregas negotiate about his future with other clubs, so he can go to FC Barcelona.

  10. Next season he is going to play with his friends Puyol, Pique, Busi, Xavi, Iniesta ( golden ball 2010) and Messi , in one of the best football club ever, barça.

  11. If Barca want Fabregas then they should pay at least 50 million pounds. The most complete CM in the game today.

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