17 replies on “Cesc Fabregas 2010/11”

  1. @jacklo1996 For the people who want to know, I get them from Footylounge and Tiki-taka.

  2. is that all he has done this season? seems like you’ve missed a lot 🙁
    but for the things that you used for this video, this video was good. well compsed, nice music, nice use of commentary overlay and nicely edited

  3. Amazing video. Good choice of music and highlights. Good luck with further compilations!

  4. Jack Wilshere comp should be up inside a week. Just subscribe or keep checking my channel.

  5. i ave a question..where do most o you arsenal movie makers get the vids from..? i don`t want to make vids but watch old matches this season you must know pls

  6. that was well edited mate.. most people mess up on the music but suited it well good stuff!! and if u do decide to make for other arsenal players can you do Nasri, Wilshere or Van Persie? all havin good seasons!! orrrr if this isnt askin too much ( i already hav asked alot lol) make one of arshavin… started season well had a massive dip and now on his way up… p.s did i say u make a good video on this one? lol

  7. @MshMsh774 Thanks :). I might make some about other Arsenal players but if he decides to score lots of goals and makes a fair amount of assists, why not?

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