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  1. @jesmes94
    you know i’m not particularly interested in having a debate on football with you because you seem to know fuck all about it. i mean you said fabregas was sick in the world cup final despite only playing for the last ten minutes or so. and you seem to end every comment with some dick related insult. probably a sign of homophobia. or perhaps sexual insecurity?

  2. @Theechosen1from1993 what do you know about spanish players. barca are nealy a spainsh international team. cesc was sick in the world cup final with spain. obv you dont watch football except aresenal matches cause you suck on wengers dick you poor idiot. get a life

  3. @jesmes94
    jesus christ i’m looking down at your comments and you clearly know nothing about football. bottom line is if fabregas wanted to go so badly then he would have handed in a transfer request by now. oh yeah and “any spanish player can fit into barca”, sorry but that’s just comedy gold.

  4. @jesmes94 Wow how mature. go suck his cock? Really clever. And if he want’s to go to Barcelona it doesn’t mean he has problems with Arsenal you fucking twat, Barcelona is his childhood club that’s why he want’s to leave, not because he has problems with Arsenal. And yes. Barcelona could be the best team in history, I’m not denying that, I think the fact that they got all their players to unsettle Fabregas is a disgrace to football. And every team has a shock you dumb fuck. Grow up.

  5. @jesmes94 they already have the best 3 mid fielders there gonna be no way he will fit there

  6. @xKiERoN watever. if you really like cesc so much go suck his cock you gay son of a biatch. if you want to go to barca, that obv means you have problems with the current club. a retard asshole of a dick will know that. barca are the best team in the world. they won the sextuple in 2009. arsenal are crap. they cant even beat BIRMINGHAM HAHAHA. if you think barca are a shame to football, go kill ur self you gunner cause you dont know what football is. goodbye cesc. oh yea nasri is a total dickhead

  7. @jesmes94 No Torres wasn’t happy at Liverpool, a fucking monkey could see that. He was clearly unhappy, he didn’t work and his body language was terrible, week in week out. Now Fabregas, yes he may want to return to Barcelona, but don’t say he’s fucking unhappy at Arsenal when it’s bullshit, he’s clearly happy here and has been very committed to the club this season. He loves Arsenal The way Barcelona are dealing with this is disgusting and brings shame onto football.

  8. if cesc made the decision of going to Barcelona he can just say goodbye to his career .. just like the arsenal legend T.Henry .. he cant fit with barcelona . they have xavi and inesta and Sergio and thats the reason he was left out from the starting line up of spain , barca’s style is way different than arsenal and he wont fit with it

  9. @ostime14 dont you think he wouldve played for leeds if it wasnt all about winning trophies. infact he wouldnt even play football in any league if it wasnt about trophies. your not making sense. arsenal have waited 6 years. thats tooooo long mate. its all about money and tropies in the premier leauge man

  10. @jesmes94 its not all about winning trophies for players you know, he has plenty of time to win trophies hes just 23

  11. @xKiERoN so was torres with liverpool. i say enjoy your last season seeing him in a gay aresnal shirt while you can u dick.

  12. @ostime14 wat do u mean france. anyway i dont think he’ll be staying much longer. in 2009 barca won 6 titles. arsenal couldve won 4 this season but youve already thrown one away to BIRMINGHAM HAHAHAHA. you wouldve been the first team to do the quaduple. and there is no way ur gonna win the treble. as you said cesc wants to win trophies but why would he want to wait years for one. no one wuld. barca win a title every year. aresenal aint won one in 6 YEARS. for a club that aint in debt, thats poor

  13. @jesmes94 why france? i dont get you… and they already offered him a transfer so i dunno wat u r talkin bout, the fact is i KNOW cesc is happy at arsenal as do all the other arsenal fans, and if we win lots of trophies this yr he will stay, even if we dont he will still stay cos he said he aint leaving till he wins a trophy with arsenal, hes only 23, hes got his whole career ahead of him, plenty of time, hes in no rush to move to barca

  14. @jesmes94 How is he fucking lonely? Have you seen him when he plays? He loves Arsenal. Have you seem him with his teammates? They’re all really close, how is he fucking lonely? Retard.

  15. @ostime14 haha ‘best club in the world man’ Man utd is gonna beat you in the fa cup and at ur ground. Anyway newcastle are ryl close. every team are realy close to there players. the only time players ask for a transfer is either for the MONEY(man city) or to go to a better club just like torres. i hate to say this but chelsea will be a better club than liver cause of history. chelsea has non.if barca oferd cesc trans he’l be on the nxt plane to france. trus. its 4 da best

  16. @jesmes94 no i completely believe him when he says he loves arsenal, you can see it when he plays on the pitch, in interviews with team mates they are always having a laugh, so he gots on well with the team mates, everyone know the arsenal players are all rly close, so yh i honestly think he does enjoy being at arsenal, who wouldn’t, best club in the world man

  17. @ostime14 alright. hes not lonely. obv players wilshere wont go to west ham. he must be brain dead if he does. players will only say if they love a team if they want the fans on there side like you with cesc. its the same with andy carroll.he loves newca and left. the fans feel betrayed and stupid to think that this guy actually loved newcas. it was nearly the case with rooney but he wouldnt be going to any other BETTER club.just like bent to aston.v it will be nice to see him playing for barca.

  18. @jesmes94 yes he will play for them in the future, but dat will be in a few yrs, not any time soon, wat i was sayin is how ur comment was complete crap cos he is def NOT lonely & ENJOYS being and playing at arsenal, and if ur sayin that players who support other clubs go there 2 play for them, well jack wilshere supports west ham & trust me when i say dat he will NOT be leaving arsenal 2 go 2 west ham. cesc does not lie when he says he loves arsenal just watch some footage and u will understand!

  19. @ostime14 he supports barca. just like ronaldo suppports madrid. man utd have the quality players to continue without ronaldo. you dont. and you know people lie. torres said he loved liverpool and asked for a transfer on deadline day so you dont know jack. i can bet you cesc will go to play with his TRUE dream club.

  20. its inevitable that cesc will go to barca, but it wont be any time soon, i can guarantee that, he is happy at arsenal atm, and barcelona dont even need him. He should go when xavi goes, then he can replace xavi

  21. @jesmes94 how the fuck is he lonely? you know jack shit, he loves it at arsenal which he has even said many times! he is adored by everyone, the fans and his team mates and he gets on really well with the team mates so you have no idea what you are talking about!

  22. Arsenal just acquired the highly rated midfield Toral from Barcelona, Arsenal will been keen the keep Fabregas in an effort to grow Toral into the Arsenal system. They are were similar players, Fabregas should be eager to teach the young spanish midfielder his trade on the field.

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