25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas – Breathe With Me (2010/11)”

  1. Amazing video man!!
    Im making a fabregas video atm, but i dont think it will compare to this, deserves more views:)

  2. hi there was wondering if you help me, i wanted to start tapping highlights from the web and post it on my youtube channel but i not sure if it breaks the copyright rule

    would i be able to do it

  3. @manrani90 you live in malaysia i bet uve never seen him play live. say him against man city.. he controlled the mid and handled yaya toure. u have no football knowledge so sign out.

  4. @MrGoonerboi u r sick..song is nothing..
    believe me..he so slow..
    if u love song..then marry him..
    kau ni cacat n bodo..

  5. Best video of Fabregas this year, by far!

    Brilliant, hope he stays and gives his all next season!

  6. @manrani90 idiot how is song crap. u obviously dont watch football after nasri he has been our best midfielder this season. him and wilshere have been sick.

  7. Considering the fact that you rushed it and the syncing is not as accurate as other times, I must admit it’s pretty enjoyable. The song was too loud as I couldn’t hear the commentaries though.

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