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25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas bundled into Barca shirt by Spain team-mates at World Cup Celebration 2010”

  1. @joshthebear1 Xavi is getting old, thats where cesc comes in, or instead of having a CDM Barca could just have a CM……plus, Arsenal have now gone 6 years without a single trophy whereas barcelona won their third la liga in a row a couple of days ago….put yourself in cesc’s position with a hunger for trophies….what would you do?

  2. @ostime14 The refs favored Arsenal. #6 on Arsenal who plays defense should have been sent off which would have killed Arsenal. RvP did nothing in the game and we wouldnt even had known he played if it wasnt for the 2nd yellow. Barca were denied 2 clear goals with Messi’s goal in London and a penalty in the first half that was not awarded. Also it doesnt matter if it killed “the most anticipated game of the year for england” So what, he’s supposed to keep him on so the rating are up?? Please.

  3. @Kevo193 meh the guy made a silly mistake, shit happens, the ref however made the biggest fuckin mistake, how can that kinda shit happen in such an important match, not sayin that we wud have ahve gone thru had rvp been playin but there was def a good chance we cud have gone thru if we had him on, u cant barca with 10 men, they will already causing lots of trouble for us, but the decision killed the match and turned the most eagerly anticipated match of the yr into a pile of shit, FUCK U REF!

  4. @Sapphira2009 Yea bcuz none of those money rich clubs who think they can buy anyone can beat Barcelona. You cant buy a team…the Premier League needs to learn that.

  5. @ostime14 LMAO yea how did that work out you dumbass lol. Cesc made his choice he passed the ball to Iniesta who passed it to Messi for the first goal. Cesc is and always will be for Barca.

  6. Barça wins arsenal! Yeah the fucking shit of the arsenal isnt nothing without cesc who is going to play in the best club!!!! Visça barça soms mes k n club!

  7. And you have the utmost cheek to call us immoral? Fuck you Barcelona. NO ONE likes you you classless bunch of pricks. One things all fans of the Premier League agree on.

    come march 8th, ur mind will be made up when we beat them at camp nou, and u will realise that arsenal is the team u wanna be at

  9. Barcelona don’t need Cesc. Look at the barca midfield now, whose he going to come in for? No-one, he’ll just be put on the bench, where he won’t get any playing time. It’d be such a waste of talent. At Arsenal he is the heart of club.
    Cesc stay at arsenal pleaseee.

  10. @somaliland247 Cesc was born in Barcelona so how did Barca kidnap him that makes no sense?? Let the poor kid return to his beloved team Barcelona

  11. @aboulenein95 well think of it this way. would you like to be a goalkeeper at a rival club in the same league as fabregas. 😉

  12. Any sane person would know that this was just a joke. Just look how fabregas is smilling throughout the whole prank..

  13. I’m an Arsenal fan and strangely this was funny, at least he was trying to resist wearing the shirt 😛 btw why was Reina trying to make him wear the shirt? Liverpool got nothing to do with it lol

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