25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Compilation”

  1. @noah4574 Lol this had to be written before Messi scored 4 times on Arsenal.

  2. @jorgejeisson89 i know i am not a lion asshole , i can even meow or bark you get what i mean? dumb ass

  3. IF! he goes to spain it will be barca he goes to not real, but like i said IF, right now hes where he shud be 😉

  4. Viva cesc fabregas, viva cesc fabregas, his skills are pure world class, barca you’ve no chaaaaaance!! OOOH OOOH OOOH TO BE, OOH TO BE A GOONER!!

  5. What kind of idiots think he’s really going to Milan? There are only two teams for cesc. Barcelona and Arsenal. How many times do the man have to say that? Get it into your little brains!

  6. Fabregas plays with so much intensity and passion it’s crazy. I really hope he stays with Arsenal.

  7. in terms of AGE , cesc is better then even xabi,iniesta and silva.. his only22 .. and already there is huge protential , the only two players that are FOUR years ahead are fabreags and messi !! you need your facts right

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