Cesc Fabregas was pictured enjoying the holiday with his family, after the exit of the Spanish national team from the just concluded Euro 2016.

The player hit the beach at Formentera to enjoy a family private moment. His partner Daniella Semann was around flaunting her hot body. The 29-year old seemed to enjoy every bit of his time with his family. Danielle, 38, who has been in a relationship with the footballer since 2011, was with the midfielder all through at the beach with their three year old daughter.

The family then made a stop at Ibiza to continue with the holiday plans. As they enjoyed water sport, the three fell of the jet ski. The player is used to the jet ski as he has been enjoying the adrenaline rush every other holiday. This time he decided to take his partner and daughter along.

The couple have two daughters; one is three, Lia, and the other, Capri, just born last year. The daughter could be seen guiding the machine, sitting on her father’s lap. Despite being on low speed, they tipped over as they tried to manoeuvre. They were all in the water and Fabregas rose to the occasion by helping his young daughter, who would not be a good swimmer. They all appeared fine after the incident and continued the rest of their plans for the holiday.

Daniella tried calming nerves as reports tried to overblow the news. She took to her personal page on Instagram to post: “Lia’s first experience on a jet ski. Not so good.”
A lot of concerned fans asked after the well being of the daughter which the mother promptly assured them of her safety. The Spaniard is set to return back to the club soon as pre season plans are set to begin with Antonio Conte in charge.