25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas – Goals/Skills/Assist *FC Arsenal 2010”

  1. @22napoli7 Bullshit! When Hamsik and Pastore come to the premier league and prove that they are better than Fabregas, then they deserve their place above him.

  2. fabregas pemain kesukaan ku karena dia bermain di klub arsenal terimakasik fabregas by m,rizduan

  3. hey owner of the video! can you please inbox me how you make nice videos of cesc? where do you get the cesc videos from and the music and what do u use?

    please i beg you!

  4. he is my favorite player in Arsenal. I hope he won’t move to another club. Arsenal need him.

  5. if he leaves arsenal they currently have no one tht can replace him so arsenal better keep him or spend money to replace him

  6. Not an arsenal supporter but fabregas is one of the best along with some others, they are a good team (: and hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just read that “apparently” chelsea want him and so their gonna bid during the summer trasnfers :L are they a fucking joke?! he would never leave arsenal unless its barca time! chelsea youve got a fat chance &this time you are not winning the title , LIVERPOOL ARE (hopefully) 😛

  7. Cesc Fabregas the best player ever, hes skills, passes and goals are so nice!!!:D

  8. Wenger should sell fabregas for criticising arsenal..fabregas is a stupid!!!

  9. great video bro. Fabregas is something special – amazing player, I hope he stays with us for another season

  10. i still remember that amazing run in the spurs match, i was watching the replay of the Van Persie goal then boom the Fabregas scores another goal

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