25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas – Heart of Arsenal”

  1. @Gazzza1112 pretty sure good goal keepers like casillas would make a bigger impact on the game than strikers as they prevent more goals than scored. And im saying this because messi looks good because he scores lots of goals etc, but you forget about the players like cesc who set up these goals and without them players like messi would not score goals, so imo the player who is setting up the perfect balls for the striker is more talented, and no need to resort to insults just shows arrogance.

  2. @TRiBUTE92 if you looked at the comment i replied to then you would have a clue what im talking about. it doesnt matter what position you play when you are comparing players for who is the best player in the world. e.g the nominations for the player of the year was xavi, iniesta , messi . how would they pridict the player of the year by comparing them you fucking retard…………………CASE WON. reply to that you fucking wanker

  3. @Gazzza1112 they both play two different roles, you wouldn’t compare messi and casillas or valdes would you?

  4. It’s remarkable how he is considered as one of the best mids in the world at 23.

  5. @soccerlegand001 Please stop being biased we all know messi is the best player and fabregas is some way of that

  6. Fabregas is way underrated compared to the Almighty Cristiano Ronaldo!!

  7. Fabregas and Xavi at Arsenal is just gonna cause havoc….wats the name of this track by the way.

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