25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas HIS LIFE”

  1. Soy de españa y me encanta cesc es mi fan
    i’m from spain and i love cesc is my fan

  2. @yoyi0707 yes they are still together.. i read that they’ve been together for 6 years :O but idk if it is true :/

  3. HE is much hotter than she ! Why her ?????!!!

    there are so many beatiful girls in spain … ((

  4. ok, i know it’s not all about the looks, and i am glad that they are dating for a long time, cause it just shows what kind of a guy he is, but i don’t find her attractive AT ALL.

  5. cesc y su novia son muy buenas personas muy agradables yo lo vi y le pedi uno foto y me la consedio sin ningun problema y su novia esta muy bonita.

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