25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas – How Can I Be Man of the Match?!”

  1. He said “WHAT? i missed a penalty, how can i be man of the match?” XD Love
    Fab :)

  2. @TuneViper I know dat but modric 4 spurs woz dying 2 leave more than
    fabregas woz n he’s still @ tottenham, bcoz they fort 4 him, n insisted he
    stayed, arsenal shoulda done the same wiv fabregas n not 2 mention nasri

  3. @LostFaceify A penalty is a lot easier then a 1 on 1, in a penalty you have
    time, no player pressuring you on a 1 v 1 you have to hurry before the
    defence catches up. He did deserve man of the match, but I guess in his
    eyes someone else deserved it.

  4. @DickHead69able lmfao said players are not known to be exactly saintly.
    Talk shit, get spit 😉

  5. @PowaShammy ahh thank you shouldve figured haha but yeah cesc is pure
    class, arsenal really need him back!

  6. @tag1989 a penalty is the same as 1 v 1, and many miss those and still get
    man of the match. Goals arent everything, he played great that match and
    played a huge part in the win.

  7. arsenal legend, a premier league legend for me at just age 24. and this is
    coming from a liverpool fan!

  8. @Twitchbag by keeping an uncontracted player, i was referring to the fact
    that if a player refuses to resign, you cannot keep him coming to training,
    you have no legal grounds to make that player remain a member of your club.
    and , spurs retard, it is not that arsenal has no money to spend, it is
    that the manager incumbent, Arsene Wenger, thats Lord Wenger to you,
    prefers to spend on young cheap talent, the other clubs have picked up on
    this in the last 8 or so years, so the billionaire will not

  9. @szabika1995 get your facts straight. He won 2 trophies at arsenal,
    community shield and fa cup. In spain he won the community shield, but only
    played a few minutes of the final leg

  10. @aliafab95 yes he’s such a nice guy! he’s so nice he even spits on opposing
    players! a really nice guy! 😀

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