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  1. @SuperVangas I have to say mate i agree with most of what you sed but messi aint a diver and you are an angry person i can tell and i think cesc will leave in 2012

  2. @HampusHjertstrom i like the way you state it
    mr. superverga or supervanga needs to calm down
    after these next 3 years, if arsenal wants to sell him, he’s gonna go, and supervangas, or any other fans cant hold him back

  3. @Nillzone503 for some footballers trophies are not the most important things. the joy of playing football with friends, making it with a style, the love of the supporters that’s what matters. look at what van Persie, Nasri or Clichy say. Its easy to leave club when you loose. But it’s greater feeling when you stay and help your team achieve glory. i stick to it too.

  4. barcelona is his home, it’s where he was raised.. he hasn’t won anything at arsenal, soooo.

  5. @boywonder19994 Oneday arsenal will be as big as barcelona. look at where we were 15 years ago, look at where we are now. New stadium(which earns more match day income than the nou camp does for barca), growing fanbase, super youth development program, attractive club ethos. We are growing. Barceloan are already at the top and as big as they can possibly be. One day, maybe in another 15, we will be as big as anyone else.


  7. fabregas we need you here at arsenal. Youre only 23, Barcelona still have midfielders they dont need you at the moment, so just wait a couple of years until xavi becomes old and then you can take his place. Youll be 26, 27. And to be honest youre only moving there cos they are your friends you said yourself epl is the best league SO PLEASE STAY YOULL BE REGARDED AN ARSENAL LEGEND

  8. @crackintunez I had more to say,But that fking team got lucky cuz youtube only allowed a maximum of 500 words and im juz tired now

  9. fking barcelona think they can juz take fabregas……well guess what..he’s gonna stay at arsenal and not juz for the year..he’s gonna stay for another minimum 10 years u fking assholes cheating divers in football like messi and sergio busquets…and fabegas is the player he is today BECUZ OF MR.WENGER u fucking assholes not that fucking guardiola or whoever the fuck u call the coach and if u think u gonna take cesc away,think twice,cuz we will make u sorry assholes..understand that.

  10. well they can have him when they can afford him. it’s pathetic to see such a great club as barcelona penny pinch and jabber like welfare recipients. they are playing themselves as a stereotype.

  11. @1981gooner
    Yeah you idiot cesc has seen barca lift many titles but has he won them with them hell no he doing what he does best learning his trade at arsenal. And futhermore your pure ignorant am an arsenal supporter but at least i can admit when a club is bigger then us barca will always be bigger than arsenal simple as that. And i will say this again fabregas put pen to paper on a long term contract and he will honour it untill that contract ends. Barca don’t need fab they want him.

  12. @1981gooner

    Hell fabregas is not that desprete to leave arsenal to go barca considering how much arsenal have done for him. Settliling him in, letting him be reconized as one of the best, yeah and another thing cesc wanted to leave barca because of his limited opportunites so again that was his choice.

  13. Lastly, to you all, Cesc Fabregas at 23 is better than Gerrard, lampard, Xavi and Iniesta at that age in all their careers. Would love to think he will still be a gooner in 3 years – but aint naive enough to think he will. Wilshere just turned 19… lets see how he is in 4 years time.

  14. @boywonder19994 Furthermore, Cesc has seen Barca lift many titles over the last few years compared to his total of none. Also, call me stupid, but Barca could use Cesc WITH Iniesta and Xavi as a front five including Messi and Villa with Mascherano dropping deep and blowing Busquets out. How ’bout that for a front five. Call me stupid but no one is bigger than Arsenal and i am sick of the long drawn out will he wont he sagas. Look to the future at Wilshere and Ramsay. Shit mate, you know shit

  15. @boywonder19994 First of all contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on – it always benfits the players and their agent, Cesc will be able to buy out his current deal then move to Barca for fuck all. Secondly, history tells of Arsenal players trying to move then staying for one last year and under performing (Henry/ Vieira spring to mind). Cesc has no real loyalties to fulfill at Arsenal as he left his hometown club at 15 – whom he really wants to play for – can’t blame him for that

  16. If your Arsenal and if someone like Fabregas wants to leave then you need to put a buy out in his contract. I don’t know Arsenal did, but if you did that then you can get some that money back. Well he does have a contract unless Barcelona wants to pay a ridiculous price for the rights to him then go for it. Still, he has that contract so he’s got 4 years left. Then after that go to wherever you want.

  17. @1981gooner

    How the fuck are we holding him back who chose to sign a 6 year deal? Listen if fabregas really wanted to go he should not have signed that deal. I believe we are 85% responsible for him being one of the best in the world.

    The chances he gets at arsenal he will never ever get at barca where iniesta and xavi run the game that’s a pretty stupid statement what you just said.

  18. @fredster0505

    No it isn’t there is a diffrence the reason why fabregas wanted to go to barca is because that’s his childhood club. Liverpool on the other hand has always been gerrad’s childhood club.

  19. @ESP1BEAST47

    What an idiot do you really think barca need fabregas. And you talk about fucked up team listen at least we’re not in millions of debt and can afford to pay are players wages on time bitch.

  20. @ESP1BEAST47 Biggest bullshit I’ve heard! Barcelona have Xavi and Iniesta, and to be honset I don’t know why your supporting Barcelona you don’t live in Spain.

  21. @ESP1BEAST47 shut up mate. He’s our captain and unlike you we are actually intelligent when it comes to transfers. we dont buy players for 40 million and loan them out. you’re idiots

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