Cesc Fabregas Interview 23.11.09

www.tipstar.co.uk – Cecs talks about the speculation surrounding him and other football clubs. It’s his 7th time at Arsenal and he is only 22. He says he is happy at the club and believes that they can win some silverware this time, he has grown into the part of becoming a captain and loves currently being in London and at Arsenal. Cesc goes on to discuss about Theo and his return to fitness and also about the latest one- defeat in opposition to Sunderland. Last but not least he talks about Regular Liege and how he is searching forward to the sport.
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25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Interview 23.11.09”

  1. he speaks really good english. cescy was obviously paying attention in school while pique qas probably goofing off πŸ˜› (pique’s english is soo broken! love him to pieces though!)

  2. fuck me..hes gorgeous and the definition of a PERFECT man! his eyes, smile, nose, hair and accent :)… im in lovee! πŸ™‚

  3. @MrsFabregasRonaldo he is tooo cute, i love him too! and btw, i LOVE your name…combining two of my fave footie players πŸ™‚

  4. ”when they’re here more then 3 days, c’mon go back to spain” loooooool hahaha

  5. I only watched this video because he has the sexiest face, body and voice/accent <3

  6. Fuck off cesc go to barca, you are so overrated because of you van persie one of the best striker in the epl is overshadowed by u,u cunt.

  7. @ssss566 The World Cup happened. Where he was surrounded by a whole bevy of Barcelona players that reminded him of home. *sigh*… and winning…

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