22 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Interview “Wenger is like a father””

  1. The first half of this interview is the most sublimally perverted interview ever!
    “We do alot of things with manequins” – with the hand movement
    “There’s allways alot of movement”
    “To be my best in that position”
    “I was one of those two in the middle”
    “I don’t touch as many balls as I used to touch”
    I never knew this side of you Cesc, but we will allways love you.

  2. Oh, man. Not just Fabregas, but if this whole team could stay together, I’m sure they will do amazing things. Okay, maybe the defence could use some work 😛 but Arsenal’s offence is amazing, they work so well together. If they keep playing together and perfecting their awareness of how each other plays, they’ll top the league for sure. Makes me very excited for things to come 🙂

  3. @mookiiewoo: I hope so too, I want Cesc to stay with Arsenal and to win alot of trophies,,,,,,,,,,,, VIVA Gooners………. C’mon ARSENALLL

  4. maldini spent his whole carear in milan, 25 years… hoping cesc can do the same for arsenal 😉

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