11 replies on “Cesc Fabregas: Nike First Touch”

  1. i bet he eats 50 yards passes for lunch. he’s the perfect midfielder. midfield maestro, playmaker, etc.

  2. after much thought, i’ve concluded that the key to igniting your first touch when the ball’s on the ground is:
    1) stay on your toes
    2) react, work out whether the ball’s coming to your left or right, start moving your body so you open into space
    3) assuming this is a normal receive (not studs nor outside foot), use inside of your foot, the arch really, to cushion the middle of the ball, such that it goes into the space you’ve created

    vital you’re on your toes and time your touch

  3. his feet are like master pieces…. lol…. what a great touch, it’s incredible how easy he can make those great passes with his left leg, as good as with his right leg.

  4. first touch is a good training for me. but one thing i aint good at when i do it is my weak left leg is not accuate, only when the ball is moving

  5. Fabregas is great…AND thats jengs bangsbo..From my country Denmark 😉
    Used to be assistant coach in juventus..A great guy with so much knoweldge.


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