14 replies on “Cesc Fabregas on BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards”

  1. Cesc Fabregas makes me so proud to be an Arsenal fan.. its a privilege for me to look up to and appreciate him, what a hero..

  2. love fabregas, sooo gorgeous and that jessica lucky cow getting 2 kiss him! 🙁 lol hope he’s more loyal than his compariot torres! go cesc!! and yeap his accent sexy!

  3. too bad fabregas only got 15min in the final. i do NOT understand why he didn’t get more game time. most of the midfielders were not THAT impressive. fabregas give the winning goal assist.

  4. it makes me so happy to listen to both Take That (“The Flood” is an amazing song) and Cesc Fabregas <3 I love his accent 🙂

  5. when i was watching world cup with my sister spain vs paraguay when the camera fell on cesc she burst out”god he’s a sexy man” it was so funny

  6. @MikeArsenal89
    “and obviously, cesc, I’ll be the idiot in the crowd shouting at you whenever we’re not winning, so I apologize”

  7. Do you know or anybody knows what’s the name of the song that plays at the 2:10min. and who sings it?
    And btw, thanks a lot for the video ^^

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