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  1. arsenal need to stop acting like little bitches .cesc has ask to leave
    so arsenal should let him go.any player would rather play for barca and
    win trophys instead of playing for arsenal and countiung to win nothing
    so wenger shoud just the take the 50 million and stop acting like a
    little bitch

  2. He’s contracted till 2014, so Arsenal don’t have to sell him – I jus wonder why Cesc even bother extending his ‘legally binding’ contract if he had no intentions of committing himself to it??? Very disappointed in Fabregas, the glamor & glory of Spain is temping for any player, but if he stays & Wenger does strengthen the squad then i believe we will win silverware next season!!!

  3. @redkem80 arshavin , rosicky , diaby and eduardo are very good players but the injuries killed them espesially eduardo and rosicky .

  4. i dont see the point in him leaving now, xavi and iniesta are better than him he will just be a squad player. He is a god at Arsenal, although if he stays he shouldnt be captain anymore.

  5. 7 yrs on arsenal plz dont goo D= u make my day and if u do go then villa will be on barce fabregas y do u have to be sooo pengg if u wernt so peng i would care lyk were that adaybuyor dude went so who care fabregas ur the pengg 1

  6. I read that he’s had a row with the Arsenal chairman & has made up his mind to quit… but Fabregas always intended on leaving Arsenal anyway, so why don’t Arsenal jus sell the glory hunter & use the money to buy in someone who does want to play for us. Personally, I think Cesc is making a big mistake jus like Pires, Helb etc… cos with Jose going to Real, I don’t think Barca will win La Liga or much else next season anyway!!!

  7. at least he is not pretending?? oh please he was one week ago stating he is no hurry to leave arsenal and he is happy… i am really disappointed by him and i just want him to go… i love arsenal blah blah i believe in this team blah blah kissing the badge blah blah we will try next year blah blah.. this is how you show yr respect to arsenal by mocking them?thanks fab

  8. Hang you head’s in pure, absolute and utter shame. Don’t forget what that boy has done for this club regardless of what happens.

    Lleave it up to Wenger and the board – personally, I think he’ll be an Arsenal player next season. Word from within the club is that Barca made official contact today regarding signing the player and we have gone so far as to tell them he’s not for sale at any price (not even the £80 million figure that’s been thrown about).

  9. @redkem80

    Fuck off! Loyalty is much better than titles, your piece of gloryhunter!

  10. Just to add, I dont think Arshavin is dross…is just that he had a very poor season by his standards!

  11. By the way, if anyone was wondering, TranquilityTDR (the eloquent cunt) is a Liverpool fan. Go comment on your own players, twat.

  12. Why ungrateful, Cartis87? The lad needs a chance to win things. If Wenger has got a plan, then he’ll stay. If not, then we don’t deserve to keep him. If what the other players need in terms of motivation is their captain nearly leaving, then so be it. Maybe it’ll make the likes of f Diaby pull his socks up. At least he’s not pretending; at least he’s willing to hear Arsene out. He’s gonna stay, in my opinion.

  13. Why should he stay at Arsenal ? He’s given us 5 years of great football – and now wants to play with top players, at a top club with AMBITION. He doesn’t want to have to carry the likes of Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo & Arshavin…..utter dross players.

    Let the kid go and get his trophies!

  14. arsenal spent 5 years to nurture him into a world class player, gave him the captaincy so he can say now bye bye?!
    arsenal haven’t won anything in 5 years but during that time he and other young players got playing time to develop. arsene could have gone for experience and push fab and other into a bit role at arsenal.
    what he gets in return for his patience and his trust in young players? a big slap in the face!
    i’m disappointing with fabregas

  15. What else do people want to hear? El Capitain has spoken. Leave him alone and let him concentrate on his football.

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