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  1. @DonLeoMarin – Very well said!!

    And the fact that Barca wants Fabregas, does not take away their respect for Arsenal!!
    Only dumb thing was that Pique and Puyol pulled Barca shirt over Cesc’s head…

    Good luck Gunners, we’ll meet again at the Camp Nou!!!

  2. I have to say though that even though I agree that its only been half a tie, Cesc sounds mesmerized by Barcelona. “best team in the history of the game” is a bit of an exaggeration IMO. It is bordering on having an inferiority complex. The team you play for is in 4 competitions, you are its captain, say something positive about your team that just won rather than keep stating Barca are the best team in the history of the game. His time with the spanish national team has really messed with head

  3. You guys are overreacting to what Fabregas has said. He CLEARLY knows that the tie is not over and that Barcelona are still favorites. EVERY SINGLE Barca fan in the world is confident that they will thrash us at Nou Camp, this is why Fab doesnt look “happy” as he knows it is only half time…….Now get off Fab as he could have left in the summer and STAYED another year. Lets enjoy his class while he is still here!!!!!!!

  4. Look at the difference in their behaviour. Van man is smiley, happy, full of pride we won, so what it’s just first leg. we won while everyone was sure we’ll loose it easily. He knows they did something special and unexpected. Cesc is completly opposite. He looks like it’s pain for him to talk about this win. Gues who looks like a leader, captain to me?

  5. He has to talk with lots of respect about the club wich he and his family have been supporting their entire life!!

    Besides that, Cesc is probably the only Gunner who seems to realize that they only played one half of this CL-clash!!

  6. @IZABELLA307

    Well, his comments kind of sounded like he was some what disappointed that we beat Barcelona, almost like it took away his excuse for wanting to leave. Sense then, he has spoken more and it is really just that he want to focus on winning the series not just celebrate the one victory.

  7. @IZABELLA307 wat does being a girl have to do with being an idiot? clearly your just proving my point of you being an idiot. Cesc needs show some faith in the arsenal team who fully deserved the win, who at times outplayed barcelona. Xavi and iniesta and times didn’t know what to do with themselves. jack and cesc played amazing. Hes the captain, its god to be realistic but also show some attitude

  8. @IZABELLA307
    our coach is your coach role model, for 15 years arsenal have played the wenger way (the real football way), and wenger has played this way at his other clubs such as monaco. arsenal bring up a team to play the wenger way, we dont rush out and buy a ronaldinho,eto, henry zlatan, etc.and dont even bring up Rinus Michels or Kubala and Koscis cause yourll lost that along time ago. anyone can dick a team thats winning and thats why bacre have so many fans.until madrid start winning

  9. @slickfest247first of all i’m a girl lol second i think his attitude is just fine he respects Barcelona and for the love of God what do you want him to say?He did his best at the game against Barcelona

  10. pure class from fabregas… excuse him if he doesnt go cursing his own countrymen and teammates of the national side…. too bad he’ll be gone next season.

  11. I can see why people are having mixed reactions to Cesc’s attitude. I think his respect for Barca doesn’t want to let him be anything but honest about Arsenal’s chances. Barca played very very well in the first half before they began to underestimate us. They won’t underestimate us in the 2nd leg. I dunno if that is good orbad If we loose the second leg the shine goes away from this victory for sure, but not completely! Being a realist is good as long as you are careful it doesn’t affect morale.

  12. c’ mon guys as true fans lets pray 4 our gunners nd promise never let them walk alon no matter wt !! <3 our cesc nd suport him4ever..

  13. @trent45269 as i said…he’s not getting carried away…it’s not over; they need to face the best team in the world at their home ground. Barca are still favorites. he’s got the right attitude. we’re only half way. we need to stay focused, and refocus. Cesc is vitally important to Arsenal. you forget how many goals he’s created and scored…we wouldn’t be where we are without him. don’t take him for granted and show some appreciation. if you wana put all the responsibilty on a 19yo..you’re crazy

  14. @4fcuk well said and never doubt this team no matter what happens, our vibe will be felt by them and hence the emirates last night

  15. @slickfest247 what’re you talking about theo has ‘sucked off’ barca way more after the game saying Arsenal were outplayed. Fabregas is the most dedicated to Arsenals cause and anyone who’s seen him play this season would know that. He has mixed feelings cause he just beat his childhood team yet he seemed the happiest when van persie scored. Pls don’t chat rubbish Fabregas will eventually go back to barca but hes more than happy playing for Arsenal and is always most dedicated on the pitch.

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