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  1. If Arsenal don’t win either the PL or CL this season than this is the last time Arsenal fans will enjoy seeing Cesc like this in their colours. In fact, I’m pretty certain he will go to Barca next Summer no matter what happens.

  2. @thamessiahbg
    fabregas played injured against barcelona he did not want to miss the match thats how much he cared.

  3. @grownandsexyism it’s kinda ironic that the EPL midfielders are always soooo good and classy, but they barely touch the ball when they play against Barca. Such a paradox, isn’t it.

  4. @thamessiahbg Iniesta ? get fuking real with his 5 goals and 13 assists in 55 matches. Fabregas usually achieves that in the first half of a season in a league where you dont get 20 mins to pick out a pass like xavi and iniesta

  5. @thamessiahbg pay attention, i stated that fabregas is the best midfielder, i never mentioned a specific position. he is the more complete player.

  6. @mikehuncho1 Xavi is the most complete CM I’ve ever seen in my life (pay attention – CM, not AM, we’re not talking about a Kaka-like player who make runs through defences, we’re talking about a true CM’s who controls the game and distributes the ball). I think it’ll take some before we see a perfect maestro like this, although I hope one day Cesc is about to come close, because I’m a cule and I realize that Cesc is going to fill Xavi’s shoes soon enough.

  7. @mikehuncho1 it’s funny how EPL fans are the only one in the world who rate Fabregas higher than Iniesta and Xavi, but I guess is another subject of discussion. Anyway, the only thing Fabregas is ahead of Xaviesta, it’s the goals. But do Barca really need Xavi and Iniesta’s goals? During the triplete season Messi scored 35+ goals, Eto scored 30+ and Henry scored 25+. Now Messi scored 47. The truth is that Barca DON’T need Xaviesta to score goals, but Arsenal need Cesc to do it.

  8. @thamessiahbg xavi and iniesta make the best midfield in the world but fabregas is the best midfielder. he can do everything, tackles, makes more and scores more goals and has become a powerful runner with the ball which is something xavi and iniesta dont have. could xavi or iniesta score a goal like fabregas’ against spurs? as for the spanish national team, why would you break up the best midfield partnership in the world? as a pair xavi and iniesta are awesome.

  9. @mikehuncho1 you need a serious reality check, if you think that cesc is better than xavi. cesc even can’t make it into the national team, because of xaviesta and this is not a surprise.

  10. ok so tell me why barca is one of the top teams in the world right now. maybe there might not be as much of a challenge in la liga but barca shits on your epl teams.

  11. il be gutted if he leaves arsenal. he will piss all over la liga and the show the world that hes better than both xavi and iniesta. he gets lumps kicked out of him in england and hes still fucking awesome, imagine what he’ll do in that 2 team competition with all the time and space he’ll get. within 2 years at barca he’ll win world player of the year.

  12. @fcfcbarcafcfc its no secret that messi could NOT perform in the premier league, La Liga is the league for smaller players who cant take cold weather, its jusyta fact, no hard feelings 🙂

  13. i hate arrogant english people.. saying their league is too strong for xavi and iniestsa because your media brainwashes you to belive that.. go suck andy grays cock motherfuckers

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