25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas: The Passing Machine!”

  1. @SuperMrColour unless your name is Xavi or Sneijder, you aren’t allowed to say that…

  2. @usery6 thanks πŸ™‚ well i found the song at fifa 09. and its called. The Kissaway Trail – 61 Enjoy πŸ˜‰

  3. adebayor you fuck face, i hate that he is in this video. other then that amazing video! fabregas plz stay with us

  4. in almost every nation he would be the best midfielder but in spain there are so many good players oO

    Xavi,Iniesta,Xabi Alonso….AND FABREGAS in 2 or 3 years when xavi gets to old he will be the next big one in the spanish history

  5. @barcelonam10 how could he be made in barca? he was made by us did barca sign him or develop his talent or turn him into a world class player as far as im concerned he would still be on the bench @ barca… hope he gets to go tho can use the cash to buy gourcuff =D

  6. made in barca ^_^ we miss you in barca cesc i hope you come back this year (L)
    thanx dude

  7. I hope he stays at Arsenal forever, highly unlikely, since he himself said that he would love to play for Barca someday, but still….it would be nice πŸ™‚

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