Cesc Fabregas Vs Marouane Fellaini | New Battle 2010 | HD

Battle in between 23 year old, Francesc Fabregas [Arsenal] and 22 yr old, Marouane Fellaini [Everton]. The two have represented their national football team on all levels such as senior squad. Make sure you comment on who is your favourite and subscribe for more Hd battles. Songs: Billy Squier – Huge Beat & Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition … Disregard TAGS : Spain vs Portugal Paraguay vs Japan Brazil vs Chile Holland vs Slovakia Argentina vs Mexico Germany vs England USA vs Ghana one:two Uruguay vs South Korea 2:one Chile vs Spain 1:2 Switzerland vs Honduras : Denmark vs Japan 1:3 Cameroon vs Netherland one:two Spain vs Honduras 2: Portugal vs Korea DVR seven: Usa vs Algeria one: Paraguay vs New Zeeland : Italy vs Slovakia two:3 Germany vs Ghana one: Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire three:one Italy vs New Zealand one:1 Slovakia vs Paraguay :2 Cameroon vs Danmark 1:2 Ghana vs Australia 1:1 Netherlands vs Japan 1: England vs Algeria : Slovenia vs USA 2:2 Germany vs Serbia :one France vs Nigeria :2 Greece vs Nigeria 2:1 Argentina vs South Korea four:1 South Africa vs Uruguay :3 Spain vs Switzerland :1 Honduras vs Chile :one Brazil vs North Korea two:one Portugal vs Cote D’Ivoire : New Zealand vs Slovakia one:1 Italy vs Paraguay one:1 Japan vs Cameroon one: Netherlands vs Danmark two: Germany vs Australia four: Serbia vs Ghana :one Algeria vs Slovenia :one England vs USA one:one Argentina vs Nigeria one: South Korea vs Greece two: Uruguay vs France : South Africa vs Mexico one:one Fc Bayern NĂ¼nchen Munich vs Inter [five/22/2010
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25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Vs Marouane Fellaini | New Battle 2010 | HD”

  1. i am an everton fan and fabregas is miles better fellaini is getting better but fabregas is one of the best midfielders in the world

  2. 2 different players. fabregas is class and is more like arteta from everton. fellaini is a defensive midfielder and will prob be the best in the world at this in a couple years

  3. @carmelo1517 Cheers mate, it’s people like you that make me wanna create videos. đŸ™‚

  4. @LumixGoals dont listen to this cunt! Lumix mate i love your videos. Fellaini’s top class just like fabs. dont listen to thispricks!

  5. @LukeTheGyp I agree with ya. This poll is over because Fellaini obviously has a better hair.

  6. @PAKETEJODAS Waw…spanish are also world champion of stupidity. Fuckin racist!
    And Fellaini is not Moroccan, but Belgian. So you missed an occasion to shut up.
    Spanish have been loosers for many years, and now you’re so arrogant.

  7. Marouane Fellaini ???are you fucking kidding???this guy dont know play football

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