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25 thoughts on “Cesc’s sixth Sense – The Cesc Fabregas Show”

  1. if only he had super powers, maybe he would get rid of that problematic hamstring he keeps getting !

  2. I watched this video when there’s about 40000 views.
    Now it’s 66411.
    Can this video reached a million views…?

  3. @Gurpage321 its a joke haha, all who have been cesc fans for many years like to joke that he cares about barcelona more than arsenal. he clearly is very loyal to arsenal (whether he may transfer or not) and is a great captain to his team.

  4. @candyapplereddress Barca and The Gunners both play beautiful football man, but Barca also won something with their tactic.

  5. @quicano91 yeah as ive said before barca only won that because of all the injuries arsenal had,the blatent diving , cheating and conning the ref. barca should be acadamy oscar winners than anything else

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