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  1. @JSJ07 I watch arsenal and barcelona week in week out, On there day arsenal are very like barcelona, but belive me, you wont take the possesion off of them but i do think you have a good chance on the counter break, with walcotts speed, he could do real damage

  2. @Joe15054 you just never know with arsenal! with man united, chelsea or tottenham their attack can’t match barcelona’s. ours is the only attack that can. if van persie,fabregas,walcott,wilshere are at the top of their game we definately can knock barcelona out

  3. @JSJ07 no disrespect no do you really think you will beat barcelona?? not saying they cant, anything cant happen but barcelona are playing better than ever…
    Arsenal are a great team, BUT ONLY when they control the ball, knock it about maintain possesion etc..
    and they arent going to have much of the ball against barcelona….
    You cant say they are going to control the game…

  4. @goonerjay1 mate, yh we paid quite a bit for henry… how mach did you pay for cesc? 500.000 ?? yeah something like that it was… He wants to come back to barcelona and in the end he will come back

  5. @JSJ07 About to beat Barcelona? Jaja

    I WILL Comeback to you after the Arsenal – Barca game and I expect you to respond that day, because you’re the only ignorant person here. Cesc want to come to Barca and Barca need a player like Cesc because he can add something really good for Barca.

  6. @JuliusMuniesa listen fool, cesc even said in an interview that he cried that day because his grandfather recently died! he is happy with arsenal because they are in the carling cup final, challenging for the league, in the FA cup 5th round and are about to BEAT barcelona in the champions league. dont be so ignorant.

  7. @JSJ07 Jealous Arsenal fan, you can’t admit that He cry because he has all memories here and all his friends, he miss everything but he dont want to disrespect arsenal and he his best to make everyone happy but he himself isnt happy.

  8. i support arsenal soo much- and never want fabregas to leance- but here even i want cesc to go back to barca, because i think thats what he wants, seeing him cry like that :'(

  9. Arsenal should photoshop photos of Messi when he was young and put him in an Arsenal Kit.
    Then bring him roung the emirates. Give him a cup of tea, show him the pictures then give him a microphone and make him start bawling.
    See whos laughin’ then!

  10. @john1337RD arsenal took control at the right time and made him the player he is today. nobody can deny that.

  11. Cesc wants 2 be home… & this says it all… i wish arsenal would see this…let Cesc go!!!

  12. thinking he would do the honorable thing and see out his contract..3. Also to all you Barca Twats out there, Remeber when you got Henry from us, you put on him an 80 million pounds get out clause in his contract so he could not leave Barca. So its ok when you do it, isnt it. FUKIN SCUM!!!!

  13. im not a heartless cu** and would like to see Cesc get his dream move, Does not bother me cause he does not see Arsenal as his future so he can go. I dont want players playing for the club i love that dont want to be there. What pisses me off is that 1, Barca offered money which was an insult to the talent of Cesc 2, Just remember all you dicks blamming Arsenal fc and Wenger, he signed a contract to be at our club for 5 more years, so we have built a team around him

  14. Barca can have him, but no fukin way should we let him go for 30 mil. If Barca loves him so much, make it 40mil and you can have him. Nobody is bigger then the club, Arsenal 4 life!!!!! And the way they have gone about getting Cesc, i would not be suprised if they resorted to people smuggling and abduction for their youth players.

  15. @horlur u cannot judge one team on 1 single performance muppet. u cannot disguise the fact that barca produce the best youngsters as well so therefore with the best homegrown players we have the best future. the reason arsenal are solid is because they are not risktakers hence the fact 5 years = no trophies but on the other hand barcelona has one every single trophy there is to win. am i not correct? this is the last year for your beloved arsene wanker if again no trophy (which is going to happn

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