25 replies on “Fabregas, Torres, Puyol, Ramos, Iniesta – Nike Ad”

  1. @SmartestPlaYA well, thats the thing. the negativity is like fuel for them to do better.
    they took it to the next level this world cup 😀

  2. @xXw00dst0ckXx i thought of it differently, like they are taking it onto themselves the criticism and showing that they are building up and have changed

  3. torres said in his autobiography that this was the most “shocking” ad he’s ever done.. they wrote all the negative things and flaws of their team.. everything they’ve done wrong and the radio is playing, so theyre listening to the people on the radio talking about their problems.

  4. no ofence thiz goz on for like agez ! fuck the rest of them fabragas iz the fittest !!!! defo (SOZ TORREZ! 🙁 )

  5. @bubblesxoxo1234 ahhh yes! it’s hard to miss those sexy abs! and the ad is great, but these men make it better… 😉

  6. wierd obscure and senseless ad…plus makes the players look silly, anyway ppl were skeptical bcuz spain won nothing till 2008, now ppl cant be skeptical anymore, who is doesnt see spain as one of the top3 favourites?

  7. estos dioses vikingos van a llevar España a lo mas alto del futbol mundial, ganaremos el mundial porque somos los mejores!!! Viva la seleccion española!!

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