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  1. he didnt spit FA cleared him!
    Fabregas is a quality player and a quality guy

    and buy the way – FUCK PHIL BROWN!!!

  2. maybe because its not his job on the field perhaps? he puts assists ,in case you don´t know of football positioning he is a central midfielder, he is in the center of the field its his job to make assists, football isn´t only abot scoring goals .

  3. Team ethic, an assist is the same as a goal.

    A goal for eboué is the same as a goal for song, as a goal for Bentdtner, as a goal for Silvestre, as a goal for RVP or ADE… They’re all goals for Arsenal.

    If Fabregas was often in the position to score, but failed to score, then granted, you could say he doesn’t score enough. But he’s still the best in the World at what he does. Getting goals for Arsenal via assists.

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