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  1. @stormskyress1998 not player . rooney is the most overrated and sneijder is a great player in my opnion

  2. @mincent4u thaks and greetings from me
    and yeh i love nuri sahin his a brilliant set piece taker and passer
    and deadly left foot

  3. Its awesome to see passes like this. I think Fabregas is still underrated because he´s more a teamplayer than a egoistic Superstar.
    Probably “THE NEKT FABREGAS” you can see in the german Bundesliga. Look at NURI SAHIN from Borussia Dortmund!
    He was chosen to the best player of the first half season in Bundesliga!
    Greets fom Germany

  4. @no1arsenalfan good comment
    bcuz the title used to be skills instead of passes

  5. really good player, i really like him but i do think sneijder and xavi are better than him, but i have to understand fabregas is still at a very young age and of this capobility, i cant imagine how he will be when hes older . very good player.

  6. @TheClarence12 yeah possibly now but the sadness of him being made to stay when he really wants to go is just as bad….we have sold many great players in the past but apart from anelka there time with us was done…not so with cesc, arsenal have been responsible for turning this young boy into a world beating footballing man, and now he is in his prime.we gonna lose him, if not in body we already lost him in his mind.

  7. @oleostrut i believe you are right…and am very sad to know this,,, he is at the moment the engine of arsenal i cannot see how we will replace him…after all apart from messi who could replace him…..i urge cesc to stay at arsenal and finish what he set out to do an make us champions of europe.

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