25 replies on “Francesc Fabregas vs Xavi Hernandez Whos Better?”

  1. @The91Walrus if you mean thiago alcantara , i can say wilshere is better tham him !

  2. @SilverstarJG not wilshere! fabregas yes! but wilshere did good in both games at just 19 years old! but he couldn’t do it in his own while fabregas song & diaby didn’t helped him! wilshere is CLASS man fabregas is just overrated

  3. why english are always talking about wilshere ? he’s good, but come on!!! go to Barça B and compare

  4. OMG. The Xavi parents and technical shit, shut the fuck up. Good vid, Xavi is better but Fabregas is still young.


  6. @wwfdaoo I didnt start the thing about xavis parents Im simply stated that ya fabregas made the one assist whihc one the world cup but he wouldnt of made that assist if xavi wasnt on the team to make all the space and passes

    the other dumbass arsenaldavid guy said the thing about xavis parents and he has yet to respond with a stupid remark to make him look like more of a dumbass

  7. @ArsenalDave04 but technically iXavi still won the world cup if not for xavis parents xavi would not have been born thus he would not have played in the 2010 world cup winning team so technically xavis parents are the reason for his existence and technically Xavi still did all the work not his parents

  8. @elsalvador131993 if you wanna get technical then TECHNICALLY xavi’s parents won the world cup. if not for them xavi would never be alive to make the crucial passes

  9. @ArsenalDave04 TECHNICALLY xAVI WON THE WORLD CUP he was the brain of the team creating everything creating space maybe he didnt make the goal winning assist but he made like 600 crucial passes

  10. Very good comparison. Both are very very good.
    But its Fabregas for me. He’s only 23 and has a mind of 30 year old player.

  11. @Adeniji4 Xavi Passing 10/10, vision 9/10,control 9/10 and positioning 9/10 goals 4/10 consistency 9/10 Fabregas is goals. Passing 9/10, vision 8/10,control 8/10 and positioning 9/10 goals 7/10 consistency 8/10
    Facts dont tell the whole story as we only have fabs making most of the assists where as barca have more.
    He will be better than xavi tho
    Hope we beat Barca at nou camp and fabregas is one of the scorers 😉

  12. @4d1L4L1

    fabregas didint do shit against barcelona, dont forget the refery who neglected 2 penalties for barca and an uncounted goal from lionel messi, barca will fuck arsenal in the camp nou

  13. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH???????? I cant believe what i just read from some comments? Fabregas is better than Xavi?????? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…. omg thats what we call ametures

  14. Xavi!!!!!
    But cant really compare because they play different positions…and different playing style.

  15. xavi wastes too much time making unneccessary passes whereas fabregas gets straight to the point n makes more effective passes.. xavi is overrated

  16. Cesc Fabregas has better stats over the years hes been with Arsenal. Xavi is better because of his experience he has and experience only. In two or three years Fabregas will be the better player. Everything else they are the same ability apart from goal scoring (Fabregas wins).

  17. fabregas and jack wilshere just outclassed xavi and iniesta in yesterdays game!

  18. 09/10 fabregas 41 pl 23 goals 19 assists xavi 48 pl 5 goals 11 assists
    please note that fabregas plays in a better league and that arsenal doesnt score as many goals as barcelona,

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