Francesc Fabregas

This man is specific,at only 19 and the lynchpin of the Arsenal midfield.Shows what admiring the appropriate gamers can do to a younger player, he will be a much better player than Barca legend Josep Guardiola.

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  1. thank you stoooey, i guess there are SOME manchester fans that know true football 😛 hehe just messin with you dude

  2. as a manchester united fan i hate arsenal but whenever i watch arsenal fabregas always amazes me he is absolutely amazing player, didn’t have his best season this year but he is still an amazing player.

  3. this kid is so good it’s just scary he’s so consistent at a young age cant wait till he hits 22+ he will only improve.

  4. it’s not just when he has the ball that shows his quality. he tracks back hard all game and drives the midfield to do likewise. When PV4 left people said Arsenal were soft in the middle, well it was Cesc who got stuck in, left the odd boot in but showed he or Arsenal weren’t going to be bullied.

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