25 replies on “How to build a footballer – The Cesc Fabregas Show”

  1. This is why Wenger is the best manager ever, he never has a go at the team, he gives them confidence, faith, tactical skills and develops them. What a legend.

  2. @tobeibaz nice Recently i bought a herbal product named” helpo growth formula” it works for me to grow taller.

  3. “Your smiling but you know you went to a disco!” ,haha. Legend man,Legend.This man is a legend im telling you.

  4. @ahamman4 nah, i think it’ll be the Van Persie Show. He’s the next star after Cesc,

  5. If Cesc’s leave (The nightmare it would be.) Would it become the Samir Nasri show!? 😀 haha

  6. @snickas9 i turned 15 this year so i can understand your problem.to get notice just keep playing well try 2 b different from other players try 2 stand out.and train everyday.u can never get enough training. but don’t over train

  7. Has anyone seen a new product called Metasox? Its a sock to protect your metatarsals from injury…sounds good if it works with all the injuries happening now…..Nike should be buying these guys out

  8. it’s not arsenal who taught Fabregas his passing abilities. He was in the Barcelona academy. look at XAVI, Iniesta, Busquets, they all went to the Barca academy. And look at their passing abilities.

  9. Ok i’m pretty good right. but i’m realizing that thats not enough.
    I’m 14 years old and I live in canada.
    I have 2 questions. How much should I train a week if I want to make it?
    And I actually Have no idea how to get noticed. :$

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