Gerardo Daniel or more commonly known as ‘’Tata Martino’’ has been at the receiving end of critism surrounding the changes that he has done to Barcelona ever since he arrived and took charge of the Catalan team.

Josep Guardiola guided Barcelona to 14 trophies during his 4 years as the head coach of the squad with the tiki-taka style of play being predominant in that time. But now with Tata Martino at the head of the team, the playing style has been taking a turn and they aren’t relying on it as much as some years ago.

The changes has made fans and experts around the world question the decisions that Martino is making with the squad and after the recent losses against Ajax and Atletic Bilbao, there is even more pressure on the Argentine tactician.

Fabregas came to the defence of Martino as he spoke in a recent press conference and said:

Fabregas told reporters at a press conference: “Guardiola was a visionary, that Barca was the best team in history, but now we might need to change some things, find alternatives. We’ve had a team chat with the coach. There’s always self-criticism, but this was the season’s first defeat and we have to react. We have to move the ball faster, show more motivation, attack with the ball and be intense, both in defense and attack.”

The former Arsenal star later went on saying that it is no problem playing in a striker position even though his natural and more favored role is in the midfield.

Fabregas continued: “My position is in midfield, two years ago I hadn’t yet played as striker, but if I have to play there, I do the best I can.”

Even though Barcelona suffered from 2 surprising losses against Ajax and Atlhetic Bilbao they are still located in comfortable positions both in La Liga and Champions League as they are at the top of the Spanish league and have already qualified into the last 16 teams remaining in the European tournament.