Mourinho States Fabregas Is Chelsea Future

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho states that Cesc Fabregas is the future of Chelsea and this is something that all of these players understand. Fabregas came to Chelsea a few months ago from Barcelona in a £ 30 million deal. He is widely seen as the replacement for Frank Lampard, who was allowed to leave Chelsea on a free transfer after 13 years at the club. During his time at Chelsea, Lampard became an integral part of the club’s play with almost 15 goals per season. In total, he has scored more than 200 goals for Chelsea and being a midfielder this is regarded as an immense contribution.

Mourinho, though, says that Lampard is part of the Chelsea’s past. Even though he holds a lot of good memories, he says that the future of the club rests on the feet of Fabregas. The 27-year-old Spaniard has already had a lot of influence in the teams play during pre-season. He has contributed several assists and scored a couple of brilliant goals. He is expected to take more time in adjusting to the Premier League after having been experienced with this style of football for eight years at Arsenal.

Fabregas, Jose Mourinho says, provides the control that is required for any team in the centre of midfield. “Frank is the history of the club, history nobody can forget. Fabregas is the future; history is history but the future is more important at the moment. My opinion, and the opinion of my players, is that Fabregas is the right player to occupy that central position in midfield,” said Mourinho. After leaving Chelsea, Lampard joined New York City FC on a two-year contract. However, the 36-year-old has returned to play in the Premier League by agreeing a six-month loan spell at Manchester City. He could face Chelsea on September 21.