Real Madrid manager José Mourinho has said that Barcelona manager Guardiola’s decision to step down from the Barcelona hot seat is unlikely to change anything from the Madrid perspective. There has been a suggestion that Barcelona will not be the same again once Guardiola leaves the club, which might play into the hands of Real Madrid. There has always been a popular suggestion amongst Spanish football that every club has a four year cycle during which they seem to be unstoppable. Barcelona have reached the wall according to many, but Mourinho believes that Madrid will continue to remain the same irrespective of the manager who leads Barcelona.

José Mourinho is on course to win his fourth different league title in four different countries. They currently have a seven point lead over Barcelona in the table with only a few matches remaining. They defeated Sevilla 3-0 during the weekend, which was the final of the tough matches they had to face this season according to many pundits. Even though Real Madrid were eliminated from the semifinals of the Champions League on penalties, José Mourinho reckons that the league title will go a long way into erasing the memories of the painful defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich.

“I don’t know why it would benefit us. Real Madrid is Real Madrid, Real Madrid will continue along its own path, Real Madrid has its own decisions to make. My decision to continue at Real Madrid has nothing to do with who is the coach of any other team. It doesn’t appear to me that Barcelona has people on its board of directors without talent, quite the opposite. If they have decided that [Tito] Vilanova is the ideal person to be the next coach for sure they are doing it with conviction,” Mourinho said.