~NEW~ Cesc Fabregas [Can’t Be Touched] Captain in London

~NEW~ Cesc Fabregas [Cannot Be Touched] Captain in London Turn out to be a “FutbollProductions Fan” on Facebook, Twitter & Hyves to stick to the current activities. Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Hyves: davy-is-the-man10.hyves.nl *Comment! Rate! Subscribe! * Cesc Fabregas, Arsenals captain and one of the very best midfielders in the globe!! Enjoy and see a lot more video of FutbollProductions Credits: CristianoRonaldo9xD & CWD4CESC
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25 replies on “~NEW~ Cesc Fabregas [Can’t Be Touched] Captain in London”

  1. @Coldmanification We’re not saying he should stay ar Arsenal because of it. The point was that Barcelona think they created him, when they didn’t really… I remember seeing him when he was in the reserves for Arsenal 🙂 I played for a local team at the age of about 10 and we were having an away game that was on the pitch right next to Arsenal reserves playing Charlton reserves. I think he was about 16 or 17 and I knew him because he had already played a few Arsenal pro games.

  2. video totally ruined by the bouncing gangsters every so often. what the fuck was that about. also, wouldn’t hurt to show some of his amazing passes as well as the goals. apart from that, not a bad job.

  3. Fabregas Loves Arsenal , barca is His Home .. At The End he might go there .. but now , it will be wrong to leave Arsenal , every gd player returns home at the end of his Career , and Fabregas should back to Barca after 6 or 7 seasons !! But now !! Cesc in ARSENAL !!

  4. @amanamandeep Sure. But you have to agree that his heart is in Barcelona. Imagine, all his friends are there, he is Spanish, he is born in Barcelona, Barcelona has been named the best team of the decade. Wouldn’t you want to go “HOME”?

  5. no cesc was just abit of talent when he was at barca like any other kid. arsene wenger turned him into the world class player he is….barca as much as they like to think it……they didnt make cesc…arsenal did!

  6. Stop putting the songmakers in the video, just horrible…ruins the video a whole lot and the quality looks like you’ve filmed it with the camera in the phone.

  7. @ryanbrady94 no way look at the way they played before he came totally different they play around cesc he plays the spanish way the way all youngsters are taugh everywhere in spain especially barcelona cesc has the spanish flair like guardiola did and people play with that because they can have som much more control of the game. if you compare on how arsenal with cesc and with out its different they dont have as much possesion and as much build up as they do with cesc

  8. @impactsc95 no, Arsenal taught him how to play the Arsenal way and that’s what made him the star that he is today.

  9. @ryanbrady94 barcelona taught him to play the spanish way and arsene wenger realized they cant change his play they need him to pay with that spanish flair so they decoded play cescs way not the orignal english away barcelona taught cesc alot wenger and arsenal are the ones who showed that to the world

  10. @yasht86
    I would not say that he is, they have to be credited but Arsene Wenger saw something i don’t think anyone else saw and put alot of faith in Fabregas. Arsenal made Cesc the player that he is today, not Barcelona.

  11. @sexypiratedisco ronaldinho will call him soaphand
    and what did england won with adams …euh wait …yes nothin but now england really have wold class players in defence called terry and ferdinand

  12. @yasht86 David Semen=One of Best keeper England ever had
    he not called “Safehands” for no reason

    Tony Adams was Captain of ENGLAND,of course he was world class

    and keown, he was a wild animal..no body could touch him

  13. to end this discussion you just have to admit that fabregas is a product of la masia the barcelona training camp if you see fabregas playin he’s a mix between xavi hernandez and iniesta and he WANNA move to barcelona cause he knows that he will never win the CL with arsenal but congrats for chamakh he’s a top striker and maybe gourcuff a very good midfielder

  14. @dirtysanchez001 what are u talkin about there’s a bunch of english players in man utd ,chelsea and tottenham

  15. @sexypiratedisco you call those guys world class player lol maybe ian wright and sol campbel but the others just a bunch of dumbass and none of them is playin now it’s all about the past not like rooney or gerard

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