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25 thoughts on “Newcastle 0-6 Liverpool – Brendan Rodgers (27-04-13)”

  1. lol.. toon is a small club with almost zero tradition. they’re only claim to big club status, if any, is their fan base.

  2. i love the way Brendan talks and the way he dealt with the Suarez incident just shows hes right for LFC and hopefully for a long time.

  3. I’m certain people like you give the Toon Army a bad name. In any case, you’d be distracted by the horse that would be brought along!

  4. Suarez tends to go for glory, if you noticed at this game, at least two of the goals were made from unselfishness and there was excellent quality in passing up to the goals. if Suarez was playing they probably would have won, but not by 6-0

  5. @ James hill don’t be stupid BR is very good great manager look what he did in January and he can only get better

  6. You guys may have won the game, but the fight between the Newcastle fans and Liverpool fans, I think we all know that the Newcastle fans would have smashed your faces in.

  7. They just need to move him away from that central striker role. When he plays there he gets too selfish, especially after they started telling him he could get Golden Boot ahead of RVP.
    Put Sturridge up front, Coutinho behind him, and Suarez on either wing (probably left wing, as Downing’s got RW covered)
    At this point, he has no place in the center, and Coutinho has showed again that he is tons better in a more central position than out wide.

  8. I love Suarez and though he does have his moments, after seeing the performance that Liverpool put in WITHOUT him, I am beginning to think that Suarez is bringing the team down with his poor attitude. Now, it is too early to tell, but if Liverpool keep turning in these results over his 10 match suspension then I think they should drop him and use the money they get for him to build a better defense. Coutinho is without a doubt the future of this club. Excellent performance all around.

  9. Scored 9 goals and conceded 2 without suarez with 100% win rate.

    one man team they said…

  10. I don’t think so. Liverpool is faster (not necessarily better) without Suarez as he is very selfish player ( but a great one, regardless) who often keeps the ball for too long.

  11. long live Liverpool, I think Rodgers is just Good and Suarez too, but he need to learn how to control him high temper xx seriously, the thing about biting is make me really sad

  12. He said that Coutinho ‘deserved a goal’, not ‘deserved his goal’. I agree, he did deserve to score a goal, the boy is a legend in the making

  13. Lol he says ‘Coutinho deserved his goal’ unfortunately he never scored 🙁

  14. You are a retard. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to support this great club.

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