25 replies on “Nike advert Fabregas Barcelona Iniesta”

  1. This advert is effective for one reason and thats cause it gets people talking cause Cesc is there ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. well i don’t think barca need cesc now, arsenal do, but once xavi’s over i think that’s gonna be cesc’s perfect time to be in barca.

  3. @rivalcf4 no, i just feel sorry for him because hes wasted 5 years (since the invincible season) with you stupid gunners doing nothing but moaning about leaving. this is why i think arsenal is a one man club. wengers a crap manager. your gonna lose to birmingham. your team is full of useless frenchmen . and you never will win a cup. arsenal are crap. face it. FEB 27th BIRMINGHAM BEAT ARSENAL 2-1. dickhead gunner

  4. @jesmes94 Arsenal is about to win a trophy though. And hes very happy at Arsenal so why should he leave? And no, he wants to win trophies with Arsenal. Are you a Barca fanboy or what? If not just leave it instead of stating some media bullcrap.

  5. fabregas seriously looks like he wants to win trophies with a his dream team- barcalona. wenger needs to let him go man. hes more happy there than here

  6. @firexrage i would like iniesta to actually frame the boot in a glass case and put it for show. would be great item in years to come for the histroy of spanish football.

  7. loves how they didnt even mention arsenal. they made it look like fabregas plays for barca

  8. I have a pair of these first time I played a game in them I scored a hat trick they’re my lucky boots.

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