24 replies on “Pep Guardiola & Cesc Fabregas funny”

  1. Pep :when will u start playing full 90 minutes
    Cesc: when u start growing hair
    Pep: go to hell

  2. I’ll curse Fabregas that he will not go to Machester United. And i’ll curse Van Persie to be the most traitor footballer in the world.

  3. L.O.L. Fabregas must like it rough since he seems to prefer a move to Man Utd.

  4. Pep: Good job Cesc.
    Fabregas: I want to go to Manchester United
    Pep: FUCK YOOOUU !!


  6. Me : English Motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT ?
    You : ya bout i juust mised som clases in hisskul

  7. Pep: I paid good money for you to play hard!!!

    Fabregas: And thats what she said!

    Pep: What did you say!?!? No Soup For U! Puto Madre Chingon!

  8. Pep: Good job Cesc.

    Fabregas: I’m introducing my big Peter Crouch to your wife.

    Pep: Fuck you!

  9. Pep: You have the stamina of a Duracell bunny, Cesc.
    Fabregas: Well that’s what she said. (your wife)
    Pep: I’m gonna kill you son of a bitch.

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