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24 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola & Cesc Fabregas funny”

  1. Pep :when will u start playing full 90 minutes
    Cesc: when u start growing hair
    Pep: go to hell

  2. I’ll curse Fabregas that he will not go to Machester United. And i’ll curse Van Persie to be the most traitor footballer in the world.

  3. Pep: I paid good money for you to play hard!!!

    Fabregas: And thats what she said!

    Pep: What did you say!?!? No Soup For U! Puto Madre Chingon!

  4. Pep: Good job Cesc.

    Fabregas: I’m introducing my big Peter Crouch to your wife.

    Pep: Fuck you!

  5. Pep: You have the stamina of a Duracell bunny, Cesc.
    Fabregas: Well that’s what she said. (your wife)
    Pep: I’m gonna kill you son of a bitch.

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