Prince Charles, Gore’s Green Prince

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An Inconvenient Fact: Prince Charles is greener than Al Gore

Al Gore has become the worldwide darling of environmental lobby groups following his very effective movie. But when it comes to putting preaching into apply, Mr Gore has been dragging his carbon feet in comparison to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the following king of England.

Prince Charles is so dedicated to environmental concerns that he employs reed bed sewage techniques and wooden chip boilers at his houses in Highgrove, England and Birkhall, Scotland, as effectively as insisting his cows are fed on grass fairly than grain, to minimise flatulence, 1 of the biggest leads to of greenhouse gas methane.

But most impressively of all, Prince Charles now runs his vintage Aston Martin DB6, an iconic sports activities car, on white wine. Sadly, not a cheeky small classic from the Loire valley but some low-cost surplus English wine from Wiltshire, near to his Highgrove property. And what else would you do with English wine? Drink it?

The DB6, the ultimate fuel guzzler, which was a 21st birthday present to Charles from his mother, Queen Elizabeth 11, nonetheless manages only a pathetic 10 miles to the gallon, or in vineyard statistics, four.5 bottles of wine per mile. But the Prince’s 38-12 months-outdated runaround produces an extraordinary 85 per cent less carbon dioxide considering that it began working on bio-ethanol fuel.

The Prince’s chief aide Sir Michael Peat explained: ‘Charles only travels two or three hundred miles a year in the Aston but he wanted it to be environmentally pleasant. It just took place that our bio-ethanol supplier can make the fuel from surplus English wine.’ Surplus because the Wiltshire vineyard continually goes about its European Union quota and as an alternative of pouring the excess wine down the drain, market it cheaply to the Gloucestershire bio-fuels supplier Green Fuels, wherever it is distilled for HRH.

Following being informed by Aston Martin that Prince Charles needed to operate his DB6 on bio-ethanol, they contacted Gloucester-based mostly Green Fuels for assist. The firm bought in eight,000 litres of surplus white wine from a close by vineyard – for a mere 1p a litre – and ran it by way of their distillery..

By boiling off the wine’s 11% alcohol, condensing it and eliminating any remaining drinking water, Green Fuels ended up with hundreds of litres of 99.8% pure ethanol, which they topped up with alcohol extracted from fermented whey from neighborhood cheesemakers. Right after re-tuning the Aston’s carburettors to permit much more fuel into the engine it was all set to run on a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol.

James Hygate of Green Fuels says: “Something that contains alcohol can be distilled in the very same way you produce vodka and whisky. The only waste is fruit juice and that is sent off to make bio-gas for electrical power.”

So technically, you could operate your car on Tanqueray or Jim Beam, though it would flip out a lot much more expensive. The Prince is fortunate to have wine-making neighbour inclined to sell him the wine at the kind of value you will not even find at Wal-Mart. But whilst the green Prince waits to become king of England, he can appreciate himself as king of the street.

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