25 replies on “Raise your game – The Cesc Fabregas Show”

  1. I think Berbatov would win that game over any player in the world. His touch is just out of this´╗┐ world

  2. @Ph2nt0m OH WOW, AGAINST A TEAM THAT WAS DOWN TO 10 MEN. spastic!!!
    its you that dosent know shit about football, mr denmark. it was predicted that he was suppose to be the top scorer for the world cup. HE DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE LIST! hahahahhaha. as for his ability to score….his name says it all, BENT-dner.

  3. @tag1989 Lol, and yet he scored 5 minutes on the field yesterday? You know nothing about football kid. He has the ability and the confidence to become the best.

  4. @tag1989 Because he’s going to be one of the best strikers one day, mark my words.

  5. eh?!,he was whackin them at the kid & basically tappin them to fabregas.then fabregas is surrounding the kid with all the spare balls.typical arsenal scumbags.

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