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£120 on The Netherlands triumphant tomorrow – honest bet? just finished placing the final bet…..or rather bets lb50 on Draw-Netherlands at 8/1 lb20 on Spain-Netherlands at 40/1…..lmao what great probability on Netherlands coming back from behind- the have done it back and also lb800 was too alluring lb50 on Sneijder scoring at 7/2 Why do that?…£135 on Holland champion today- polite bet or not? The first half- second half draw-Holland at 4.42- LOL I could become mega rich today Good bet but i dream up they will score early against this aversion. I wish you luck m8. YOU MUST NOT MISS IT! Our company specializes in trade from located…£30 million for Milner? £25 million for Cahill? What’s going on here? Why are these english players so overpriced? Also, don’t you think there should be a maximum amount of money a squad can spend on players? – Or you can only spend money you have turned over. That would rank the playing field better…£44 to sit within the away wrap up at prehistoric trafford…? is that normal prices.. i dont recall it human being that much last time costing me lb64 to watch us capture beat the robbing bastads… anyone id approaching someone to blame, so whos to blame the mancs or ashley? feck bad you manc b45tard…£596- Who is laughing immediately? lb200s went down the drain but the lovely Dutch repay me the Berba-money- WOOOO!! LMAO (a) Geordie’s bet….(Rooney and Messi not scoring at 30/1- he bet lb2) To answer your question. You are laughing now? later ta. What was the bet? Holland to reach the final or what? Erm,…” Fabregas deserves a better troop next Arsenal “? Xavi Hernandis, world’s best medfielder has said so… Do you agree ? I do,,, Although i am not fond of the club they are a great team and his play style fits contained by so well They may not have won a trophy for…” Liverpool ARE Football”….discuss the copious reason this is incorrect? i saw it in an answer and it made me annoyed..liverpool ARE overrated cos their better than Newcastle Because Liverpool are RUGBY :0 You always appear to be upset over something, Liverpool today is it? Sunderland is better than Newcastle – FACT Can I…“Agger have no memory of the Arsenal game”- lol – How must it discern…..?… to have played he game and enjoy NO recollection of it? gives me goosebumps lol, i’m glad that he came back contained by even after the concussion because losing/drawing to a side with 9 players would have asked for…“Ajax waiting on Man Utd’s £35m bid for Suarez”?… Q: When will their wait end? a) Never b) When Pigs Fly (Rooney is not counted) c) When the moon turns blue (It might close-fisted both bluemoons :P) OQ- The papers have no limits do they?- DAVID VILLA cost lb35 million- why would…“Australia loses a trial contest to Pakistan”- Am I audible range right? LOL to Pakistan Let England teach them how to beat Pakistan come the Trent Bridge exam OQ- Tom Cleverly and Welbeck to be loaned- are you exasperated? Yes.. the Aussies are now only world champion at Snooker……and that’s even more boring…“Champions Manchester City”- how STRANGE does it nouns? Best start practising now mate. It’ll hurt less subsequent on. (a)Bluey: er, you’ve also forgotten two of the most coveted prizes in football. The Division Two Play-off Winners Trophy and winners of the Fair Play League, twice! Does not sound starnge, if you distinguish,…“Chelsea not building a stadium because they know in that are no fan to steep up the seats”? How correct is the Mirror Football columnist? Not even close to the truth. Season tickets sold out beforehand I could get my hands on one – I didn’t hold one last season, which made it next…“City are signing top players whereas Ferguson have to quibble within the crypt of the verbs market”? How sad is it? or Is it hilarious that we still give a hiding City every season? I feel it really sad…..but am not complaining especially when we hold got Rafael, Fabio, Smalling, Chicharito, Gibson, Welbeck,…“Hodgson downplays Liverpool’s chances”- Why is the Liverpool officer DISCOURAGING………..?,19528,1… i just hope they beat City into 4th…any them or Tottenham…couldn’t care similar to rafa benitez hodgson isnt gonna give any predictions or gurantees the players know this and its hodgsons 1st season i’m sure he has a stragey and something…“I am a Manchester Unied player and am worried solitary going on for what happen at OT subsequent season”-remember these words? Ronaldo 2 weeks before moving to Madrid when UNITED accepted the bid to pay cheque off the debts…*some* brainless people vote he is greedy and went for the money when he merely had a…“I enjoy the money but not the ability contained by the market”- sir alex ferguson……? Before you gunners start abusing sir alex your manager wenger said like peas in a pod and i believe the wisemen’s words (though wenger isn’t winning things we would be unwise to hail as him unwise stubborn would be a…“If singular Arsenal be injury-free”- Are you TIRED of audible range this? That just an Excuse which they made, it is all false because really teams got injuries but they have not made excuse and play good game. Personally, I focus Wenger is making an excused to prevent himself from being stack due to his bad…“Our strange youngsters can win title” say Ryan Giggs- view? First Batch- Butt, Beckham, Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes Second batch- Brown, Fletcher, O’ Shea, Solksjaer (youngster from smaller club), Ronaldo, Rooney (nurtured well though temperamental) So is this a new era of Fergie’s Fledglings- Rafael, Fabio, Evans, Smalling, Cleverly, Gibson,…“Scholes Giggs EVDS and Neville cant stir on forever” but they are still going and going strong? its just like Arsenal’s “If just we had a good guardian and didn’t have injuries” Liverpool’s “If only we have money and new owners” City’s “If only we have some passion and commitment from our palyers” You forgot…“that’s the bottom splash..create the gm said so”? Is it possible the mystery gm is the beer drinking the sob stone cold? The gm is not stone cold Its something to mis lead us i don’t regard its Austin as much as i would like that or it could be Abraham Washington, the unsuspecting one, who…“The former is our knowedge, the present our mistake, the adjectives we other donate too slow!”? Which cricketer would best suit this quote from The Style Council? Alastair Cook. He was a player that looked to be going on to great things but his current form is terrible. If he’s not well thought-out he might…“The Ronaldo cash” have indeed be spent- why do ethnic group just about awareness that? So reportedly 12 million offer for Ozil which will surely end up around 15 and folks say cash is not available Ronaldo cash- 80 million Spent- 18 (Valencia) + 6 (Obertan) + 10 (Smalling)+ 3 (Diouf) + 7…“They asked impressively humbly, can’t we be troop number 33” – Blatter’s finest moment? When the Republic of Ireland asked, very humbly, can they be team number 33 within the world cup… Do you think that by Blatter telling the world and laughing on national tube, was his finest moment? Can you recall any other finer…“Torres will own Vidic” -Now that Vidic is staying- where on earth will Torres “own” him- Stamford Bridge? Torres ”owning” Vidic is a MYTH LoL (a) Stamford bridge…. As GNR says… it’s a myth.. it happen.. but it doesn’t happen every game… and didn’t transpire last time we played them But.. who cares……“Tribute to Torres” – for honouring a £110,000 a week contract- How atrocious does it nouns?,19528,1… They’re all equal. Look at Assley Cole. Begged Chelsea to save him from Arsenal and now he is imploring Real to save him from Chelsea. “Tribute to Torres” maybe the unusual caption but it follows ‘Tribjaktes volkas…

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“Our strange youngsters can win title” say Ryan Giggs- view?First Batch- Butt, Beckham, Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes Second batch- Brown, Fletcher, O’ Shea, Solksjaer (youngster from smaller club), Ronaldo, Rooney (nurtured well though temperamental) So is this a new era of Fergie’s Fledglings- Rafael, Fabio, Evans, Smalling, Cleverly, Gibson,…


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