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  1. Arsenal is more than a club, more like a religion a way of life. look at Henry hes been to Barca and other clubs but there is only one club he truly loves. i think the same with Cesc. We are Arsenal FC!

  2. is there any new vids of cesc cos these are really good but the last 2 seasons he has been amazin like that 1 man show off wen he wizzed through every1 dnt rememba team nd that fluky yet magic shot that was a goal against sunderland, plz can some1 post more recent vids of fabregas cos lately hes been playin excellent

  3. @BAKTR19 And that hurts us all so deeply knowing you have a picture of fat frank on your page…what place is chelsea in again?. Oh right …….below Arsenal

  4. i hope he doesn’t go to barac. bunch of hypocritical morons (aside from messi) but that would be stupid if he does go cause I doubt he will get playing time like he does at arsenal. Besides I if he stays at arsenal they can help mold him into a legend more than barcelona can

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  10. @zmanutd15 nah mate farbegas is much more dynamic and has a bigger influence on a match. Xavi is the pass master yes. But Fabregas has more strings to his bow he can pass short range, long range, run with the ball, score important goals and can tackle.

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