25 replies on “The Cesc Fabregas Show”

  1. Que no te enteras!,que siempre me haces lo mismo!,que no quiero esto!

    You don’t get it!,you are always doing the same to me!,I don’t want this!

    He talks way natural in spanish

  2. i want all of the posters of fabregas on the wall behind him…..
    and cesc himself of course 😉

  3. HaHa cracked me up when he said helicopter..so cute.<3
    He dont want his own tv show..he want his own tv SHOOOO!!!

  4. LOOOOL!!!! XD

    That was hilarious. Whoever came up with that sketch was a genius!

    Cesc honey……..work on the acting, no? ^^”

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