The Francesc Fabregas Biography

The lifestyle of Francesc “Cesc” Fabregas. The youthful Spaniard unquestionably has a vivid potential forward of him, already convincing numerous men and women he is a leading course player. From his birth to the ongoing occupation at Arsenal, right here is a search at the highlights of Cesc’s life. Soon after viewing the video, you will probably finish up having a gentle spot for Cesc if you haven’t previously. My entry for MKB Compilation Competition three.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 replies on “The Francesc Fabregas Biography”

  1. @iFCBARCEL0NA He left you and we made him over the past 7 years…. plus he is double 40 mil, Pound not Euros.

  2. @17Alien36 lol that’s the problem Wenger doesn’t know what hes doing half the time. I’m glad he didn’t sell Fabie thoough

  3. i love this video!!!!! ilove Cesc!! how do you make such a good video? what do you use? please reply 🙂

  4. He’s the best at Arsenal. He’s gonna be the best midfielder of the world.

    Thank god he’s not playing at Barcelona. Thank god wenger always knows what he’s doing.

  5. lol barac fans don’t understand the concept of playing for your club, fabregas is an ARSENAL FC footballer lmao

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